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Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg

Back when I started this blog a little more than two years ago, I was using creative post titles. This means that when I wanted to post shirtless caps of the Krasinski, instead using “John Krasinski” as the title, I’ll use “I Just Died and Went to Heaven” and instead of “Jason Sudeikis 3”, it says “More Imaginary Husband Skin” or something. Then came the big move to WordPress and I figured putting the actor’s name as the title should be easier for you guys to browse around. As of today, I’m going to switch back to creative post titles, like everyone else on the internet. Technically it’s a tiny amendment but it will change the way you navigate somehow. Since this website isn’t all about me, I’m curious to know what do you think of this. Yay or nay?

Update: You can vote in the poll below. Damn, now I’m having second thoughts!

  • DoverDavid

    Hi Square, I just appreciate all that you do here and the time you take to create a visual fantasy for so many of us. Name these furry guys how ever you like, have faith that I will find them no matter where they wind up.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  • GB13

    Well, when I found this site like a month or two ago, browsing back over the old entries and finding people I was interested in was easier because I could just look at the post names.

    Maybe you could do both. Like “Jason Sudeikis: Random Blurb About Being His Husband”

  • You’ve built an institution that transcends typical web trash and offers smart, sexy content with wit, charm and a personal point of view.

    You have defined categories; given us a chance to look at fresh faces (and bodies); and showed the world that there is amazing beauty in unlikely and unconventional places.

    The site has become a cultural phenomenon because of you. Go with your instincts. They haven’t been wrong so far. This a subtle change that could add an extra dimension of interest. No pain no gain, right?

  • Frank S

    Square, I think we are all just so thankful for all you do for us each and every day.

  • You guys are too kind. Really! And GB13 was right, I should incorporate at least their last name into the title for easy searching, which is what I did before. I guess we could all agree on something like “Feuerstein Fur”. 🙂

    The upside of this is I can post more regularly and not be bounded by an actor’s name. (read: more crap coming soon to a computer screen near you). As shirtlessness becoming more like a must for networks to attract more viewers, I really hope I can keep up!

  • It’s great having the names. Thanks…

  • Me

    I think as long as you have the names tagged, they’ll be entirely searchable without stifling your creativity! So keep mixing in those smooth twinky boys! =)

  • WarpedRecord

    Square, I appreciate your efforts, and because I get all your feeds anyway, I don’t mind how they are titled. Obviously, we can still search by name, and that works for me too.

    There’s so much junk on gay Web sites that makes me feel downright straight (no small feat), so it’s refreshing to see real guys along with the surreal ones along with your witty comments.

    I’m thankful for Squarehippies, thankful for you, thankful for Jason Sudeikis. … Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • Virtue

    You know, I’ve been moderator for about a year and whatever you say goes but for the sake of browsing, I will agree that the family name should at least be part of the title. Everything else, let yourself loose ^^

  • Jeff

    Hey baby! Hey Baby Hey! I think it’s awesome that you’re going back to creative titles, it’ll make the blog less robotic, and more personal

  • Daveme162

    Has anyine but I noticed how much Ryan Kwanten looks like; Falcon Studioes, star Ken Ryker…Both have given me many nights of joy……

  • Thanks Virtue and Jeff! Ryan Kwanten does look like Ken Ryker albeit a little brother version of him. Wait, what’s this gotta do with post titles?

  • dieguito

    Hi… i’m kind of nervous because this is my first post here 🙂 but i’ve been around for months.

    Well, just wanted to say that this page is awesome and it’s content is highly superior than the rest of the Internet… and if you want to use creative post titles, it will only make this site better than this already is 🙂

    Well, that’s all for now :)… See you tomorrow!!!


  • Hey dieguito, I can’t thank you enough for those kind words. I think I need to put a paper bag over my head or something.

  • Dear Square, You a are totally awsome blogger, I do love your creative insight no matter the time of day, or the post you blog. You are an inspiration to the entire web world….speaking of….which head did you say you were you putting that bag on??… you so nasty!!!!….The fine folks here are not for sure which(head) you USE most often when blogging…..hummm….(just thinking bout cha)…You know we love you!!!!

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