A Little Rowe Beef in the Morning

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Nothing stimulates your mind in the morning than a visual of Discovery Channel’s premium beef Mike Rowe and a cute naked cameraman in very close proximity. Can someone tell me why on gay fantasy island Mike is filming the guy in the shower? Can we have that footage (uncensored, of course) shown on the next episode of “Dirty Jobs”? Now excuse me while I let my imagination decides what happened after Mike Rowe and the camera dude ran into each other. No towel or camera equipments will be involved for sure.

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

  • White Panda

    I would like to personally thank SquareHippies for this post, because it set my day off to a great start. Nothing like seeing one of my favourite men half naked at 8 in the morning – its a better wake up than coffee!

  • David1969

    I will take Mike Rowe anyway he wants me….He is one of the HOTTEST older guy fantasy guy for me….would love to see what is under that towel….

  • 24gotham

    Mike Row is so very hot…. I watch the show just to see him, and keep my fingers crossed for a shirtless moment. I find it amazing how my double entendres he manages to slip into each episode.

  • xenette

    MMM. I know what I will be drooling over this Thanksgiving and it’s not going to be the TURKEY!!!!!!!!

  • ok, he’s hot! happy thanksgiving!

  • WarpedRecord

    Mike Rowe has universal appeal — even straight guys have crushes on him!

  • malibujd44

    Why is the sound man naked and WHY is Mike taking video of a naked man in the shower!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Is this episode were he tells us “how a shower works?”. I don’t get it.

  • hjs1985

    He is just hot!! I got a dirty job for him in my pants. The part of him videoing the guy in the shower is cute. it will be better if he drop the cam and join the guy in the shower.LOL

  • sassywench

    Now that is a Thanksgiving treat. Mr. Rowe is one the best chests out there. So beefy and furry! I vote that he hosts each show shirtless!

  • Patrick

    Mr Rowe, please be my Daddy and I’ve been bad, very bad.

  • loudrockmusic

    This is one of the best threads ever. You know who else I like on Discovery? That Tory from Mythbusters. But, enough about him, LET’S SEE SOME MORE MIKE ROWE. Did you enter the sweepstakes to appear on a show with him? I did!

  • Superherodude321

    What episode is this? I might just download it LOL

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  • adontworry

    mike rowe is such a hot daddy type.I would do anything with that man

  • Have you seen the one when he says, “So, basically it’s a giant mechanical butthole”?

    My absolute favorite, though, is when he’s on one of the Alaskan crab boats from that other show. He was sick for a few days on the boat, and then they showed him getting out bed in his underwear — and when he scoots forward to the edge of the bunk, his boxer-briefs ride up a bit and you get to see a pretty good outline of his dangly bits. Somebody please post a screen-cap of that!

  • Jermaine

    Yeah I totally agree he is so so Hot!!

  • n fujimoto

    OMG. why aren’t they filming him together with the guy in the shower!!!! mmm mmm mmmmmmm!

  • Joanna

    OMG!!! There is NEVER too much of this Yummy man, EVER!!! Mike can park his dirty boots under my bed any time! This man just gets sexier and sexier as he ages!!! YUMMMMM

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