Chris Diamantopoulos in The Starter Wife

Chris Diamantopoulos Shirtless

In continuing my fondness for cute furry Canadian men, here are some shirtless bits of Chris Diamantopoulos from a recent episode of “The Starter Wife”. Damn, maybe this is a sign that I should start watching that show. I mean, a group of hot divorced husbands every week? Gimme. Also thrown in are some skin from a recent sighting at Miami Beach with his wife, Becki Newton (damn). You better hold on to your man tight Amanda, because we’re going to kidnap him when you’re not looking. Before you go further, I am sorry to tell you that although Chris looks super yummy in that short shorts and on bed with his gorgeous man lover, he had a meeting with the evil timmer. I know because earlier pictures of him showed that he used to have a pretty dense forestation packed in there. I’m tired of complaining so I’m not going to, because I’d hit that in a microsecond anyway. Enjoy!

For undapantsman. Credits: DaveId at Dreamcaps

Chris Diamantopoulos Shirtless

Chris Diamantopoulos Shirtless

Chris Diamantopoulos in The Starter Wife

See what I mean?

Chris Diamantopoulos in The Starter Wife

  • Oooo! A new reason to love “The Starter Wife”!!!

    It was already quite watchable. But this seals the deal.

  • DoverDavid

    Ewwww chest hair trimming. Who wants to rub up stubble?

  • daniel medina

    What a hottie! What other show has this one done? I don’t recognize him at all.

  • cohencha

    If he’s hairy enough to play Robin Williams, he should never go near a razor!


    Very nice definition!!!!!!

  • undapantsman

    awesome, square, thanks! i think i must be the only person who doesn’t seem to mind the ‘stubble’ chest hair, probably because i don’t imagine it to be just like facial stubble, just a bit longer than that so it doesn’t get all scratchy. haha

    but i must say, this Chris looks good with and without forestation. friggin’ hawt all around. l love the (facial) scruff… and short shorts.

  • WarpedRecord

    He looks good with the stubble, but he’d look great if he let it grow naturally.

  • sassywench

    I am not a fan of the trimmed look, but it seems to suit him. You can see his tight body with the promise of some fur!

  • Dave

    an observation that i wondered if anyone else shared: does his chest, for all its tight beauty and awesome potential for reforestation, look a little “off” when compared to men of like build? maybe it’s just the lighting, but his pecs have a shape and spacing reminiscent of a woman’s with a boob job. Pec implants, perhaps ……… ? Not complaining, just curious!

  • Paul

    When he played Robin Williams, he gave an interview in which he talked about how hairy he was:

    “As difficult as it would be for any actor to capture Williams’ manic (and drug-fueled) energy, Diamantopoulos had an equally large challenge doing topless scenes as the notoriously hirsute Oscar winner. Just as his Greek heritage helped him master voices, though, Diamantopoulos got a genetic assist with his chest weave. ‘The chest hair’s all mine,’ he boasts. ‘I’m in a holding pattern, I think, for the back hair and the shoulder hair, but my father tells me not to worry, it’s on its way.’ ” (

    Too bad he chose the razor, but maybe it wasn’t his choice. The powers that be might have dictated it–actors aren’t always as powerful as we think.

  • lankyguy

    Nothing about him, that I do not like.

  • Steve

    I’ve never kicked ANYONE out of bed, but I have to say . . . he just doesn’t work for me. Sorry Square.

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