Craig Horner

Craig Horner Shirtless

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of “Beastmaster” or “Hercules” type series nor fit younger looking boys but again, this website isn’t all about me. It’s about my husbands! Just kidding, of course we’ll slip in some hot smooth boys every now and then. Meet Craig Horner, he has traveled all the way from down under to take his shirt off for you guys so appreciate! These are from his many shirtless appearances throughout his short but sweet career; Australian series “Blue Water High” (sounds like “Summer Heights High” – the best thing that ever happened to television) and a recent pilot episode of “Legend of the Seeker”. There’s a lot of unmistakably boyish quality on this one, and like Karma said at the forum, a lovechild of James McAvoy and Gary Sinise. I’d like to add in Austin Drage as his long lost twin. Now, that’s one very good looking family.

Anyways, is it just me or does he look so much younger in “Legend of the Seeker” compared to “Blue Water High”? Is there some Benjamin Button magic going on here? Oh, maybe it’s just the hemisphere change. Noone’s complaining though. I have a hunch that Craig will follow the footsteps of his fellow Aussie exhibitionist, Ryan Kwanten and that’s a good thing.

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“Blue Water High”

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

“Legend of the Seeker”

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

Craig Horner Shirtless

  • David

    wow i usually like furry guys but hot diggity thems some nice nipples



  • me

    Yesss!!!! As someone who prefers tight smooth guys to hairy ones, I often wonder why I visit this site every day. But here’s why!!! Thanks for continuing to put up a diverse array of man flesh – this one is my flavor!!

  • Mike

    HOLY SH*T!

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s not THAT far from home, Square… They’re filming in New Zealand, (hence the reason 2/3 of the extras are Maori). πŸ˜€

    Oh, and BACK OFF, BEEYOTCHES, HE’S MINE!!!!! MINE, I TELL YOU, MINE ALL MINE!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA…. (slapping self)… (kaffkaff…) Okay, better now…

  • metcalfe

    absolute yumminess!

  • me

    I wanna see his ass!

  • Xavier

    For a surfer, he’s got some muscle on him. I, like I probably said multple times before, like smooth guys. There are some furry guys that I like,… Chris Evans for example… OMG! Hottest thing ever!

  • Rick G

    The first time I saw him, i knew I was in love. Can a body be this perfect????

  • rickster58761

    Feel in love the first time I laid eyes on him. What a bod of perfection. WOW.

  • rickster58761

    Dang, I cant take my eyes of him. I need a full print of him on my bedroom wall.

  • Nandini

    For some weird reason, he reminds me of Carmine Giovinazzo.

    And, he does have very nice lats…

  • i would die for him… he’s the next ryan kwanten… πŸ˜€

  • tucker

    very handsome hunk

  • Sum Yungguy

    Mmmmm, he looks so str8 and clean!!! I really need to dirty him up ^-^lol!!! πŸ™‚

  • Tyler

    He reminds me of another Aussie hottie that played in a similar show. It was Called “ROAR” and the Heath Ledger was it’s star.

    I get the feeling that Craig is going to be a hot property.

  • chloe

    yer hes gawrjus
    if you havnt seen any series of blue water high and you love beach boys (or girls what ever floats ya boat) i recomend it.
    lots and lots and half naked sufer boys.
    the show is realy kwl
    its about a group of kids that make its into a surf skwl and spend all day at skwl and the beach
    very hot\

  • Sum Yungguy

    I remember ROAR!! Keri Russell was also in it (very underrated AND very beautiful actress IMHO) It ended WAY too early! Guess it had to for Heath to make his claim unwanted fame (RIP Heath).

  • jason

    Great set of boy nipples! There huge!


    Hes the reason god made tv. lets see more of him.

  • patrick

    He’s really adorable.I’m not into s and m but that scene with mistress dena is such a tuirn his broken sexy.about to go search pics of his feet.would love to suck his toes.

  • josh

    he may be a bit too lean at certain times, but he has a beautiful face and could rescue me anytime

  • Mike

    Re “Mirror”: OK, so in one scene a prison guard likes Richard. Nice, finally a crumb of gay content. And how does Horner play the scene? Like gay stereotype from the 1970’s. This is a soft form of bigotry, like using the word gay to mean lame or stupid. What is the future of tolerance in this world if a young actor’s default when he momentarily plays gay is to queen it up by putting his hand on his hip and sticking his ass out?

    Craig, if you ever read this, you are a disappointment.

  • robertg

    Mike: well put. He is gorgeous. But in the creation of beauty, often brains have been left out of the process. Why is that? Only the gods know.

    A very young, not-too-bright actor falls back on what he thinks his mates will find REALLY funny, dude!

    Being stupid and acting stupid even though a juicy hunk doesn’t make the results of being stupid acceptable. Somehow, ya just gotta break through that stoopid barrier, chum.

    Who’s even more at fault here? The director who didn’t step in, tell cutey pie to knock it off, tell him WHY it’s stupid, and cut the scene. But, that requires a director who’s at least one I.Q. point brighter than the actor.

  • So freakin sexy

  • so freakin yummy!!

  • WOOOOOOOW SUPER SEXXXXY !!!!!!!!!! never seen anything so sexy before in my life my fav episode is when he saved khalans sisters baby boy from gettin killed…………………………………. luv the abs

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  • JohnZBabe

    FREKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS DA SEXIEST THING I’VE EVA SEEN…OMG!!!!

  • Paul

    I’m in love all over again. He looks like my first love. I love smooth tight bodies

  • Curtis

    Damn now this one is the hottest thing I have seen in a long time, and judging by all the comments so do others!! You need to put some more pics of this hottie on the site!! Just looking at him will make you pop a boner!! (BOING)

  • somegirlsomewhere

    Okay I HIGHLY Craig Horner is gay. So WHY are GUYS commenting about how hot a GUY is? Seriously……it’s disgusting. Guys are guys and girls are girls. Get over it.

    And as for Craig Horner….I thought Ryan Reynolds was hot, but Craig Horner FAR FAR surpasses him. What a hottie. And that’s an understatement. (too bad I’m married, I’d go hunt him down)

  • Rad

    Wow! Craig Horner is total PERFECTION. I’m trying to come up with any circumstances where he should wear a shirt, but I can’t think of any! Always shirtless all the time Craig, please! Gorgeous, plus I’ve seen the show and he’s a good actor, too.

  • Craig is hot and the sexiest person in the world. I felt like eating him when i saw him shirtless chopping wood in the first episode. Horner, u are a hunk and i luv u.

  • he’s face reminds me that guy form Rachel Zoe Project the one with the glasses.Anyway,after months of programming the Legend Of The Seeker haven’t premiered yet in our country.

  • your so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!i like you

  • g564

    wow ok all the guys who are commenting you are fucken asshoels gosh

  • g564isastooge

    g564, why are all the guys commenting, and we are ‘fucken asshoels’?

    when in the world are you going to get in bed with him, never? And neither is anyone posting admiration comments about him you bigoted pig. He exposes his flesh for people to see, there’s no sympathy for him, or for lonely girls who think they’re married to a star because they like him – it’s attraction – regardless whether you’re straight or gay or bi… so shuddup h8r


    U R COOL

  • that was owesome but you are so much interested at ur body

  • Guy

    To Mike and robertg: Don’t be so quick to condemn Craig Horner or even the director of the episode where the (cute) gay guard flirts with ‘Richard” and “Richard” reacts in what you call a gay stereotype from the 70s. Check out the context of the episode. This wasn’t the real Richard, but a fat, heterosexual thief who was impersonating Richard in his perfectly chiseled form! I can imagine this type of flirting back from a straight schlub who is willing to act nelly in an attempt to escape from prison, especially when his lady friend (impersonating Kahlen) is urging him on. If anyone is to blame, it MIGHT BE the writer. However, I don’t think so. There really are such straight schlubs in the world (and the world of the Seeker) who, when asked their interpretation of a gay man, would act as this character, the false “Richard”, did.

  • This is the best web blog I have read.

  • somegirlsomewhereISASLUT

    FUCK YOU BITCH. How the fuck is that disgusting? We gay guys can comment on how hot a straight or gay guy is, without your fucking consent. Are we even having sex? No? We are just admiring his hotness. So fuck you dumb twat.

    Guys are guys and girls are girls?
    What the fuck is that supposed to mean? That all guys should like girls and not “confuse” guys for girls? WHAT THE FUCK? Dumb homophobic WHORE.

    Besides, you and your “fangirlish” kind try to fetishise the hot gay guys all the time. This is fucking Karma. You think YOU pussy twats can get into MY gay men’s pants? I hope Karma comes back around and turns you sluts into lesbians or bicurious.

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