Dale Howard

Dale Howard of Big Brother UK Shirtless

My nana once said you better work with what you got, while you still have it and that’s exactly what Dale Howard did. Dale who? Dale Howard was a contestant on UK’s ninth season of “Big Brother”, and from what I gather he is cocky as hell. I never care to watch any of the “Big Brother” series but let’s face it, the boys are generally hot regardless. Well, I knew a few cocky hot guys and I have to admit as much as it stinks to be around them, it kinda turns you on. A lot. I don’t know what else he does after “Big Brother” than scraping his remaining fame crust off the pan but until the next batch of random boys come to play, you better WORK!

Anyattentionwhore, these gratuitous skin showcase are from his 2009 calendar scanned by his biggest fan I knew, Casperfan (or should I say Dalefan?). You can find more Dale worship at his blog (very NSFW, I mean it) and extensive captures of Dale on Big Brother UK at Channel 4 website. I took the liberty to crop out the nano sized numbers because NOONE buys the calendar to see what date it is.

Dale dear if you’re reading this (I have a strange feeling he does), we only have two words for you — gay porn. That’s all.

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

Dale Howard Shirtless

  • rodmdz

    Uhm, his nipples are hot….

  • uhm, he has a weird belly button. it’s like it’s been drawn from the inside out. but he’s nice! and fire that bitch who has him photographed with those ghastly bathroom tiles!


    I CAN’T EVEN SPEAK…………………..

  • metcalfe

    fabulous nipples

  • dene larson

    He’s HOT

  • Colby Varner

    Yum! Delish…

  • sassywench

    Now that deserves a nice tongue bath! D A M N!

  • Okay guys, I’d squeeze him in on late Friday nights… and…. I betcha he won’t leave till noon the next day!!!!…LOL!!!!

  • OMG, he so so HOT HOT HOT!

  • 24gotham

    Meh… Not enough chest hair go get me worked up….

  • Adem

    I want him to fuck me (I am a man)

  • gypsycurse

    Awwwwwwwwww, the poor deformed creature. I wonder how many peoples’ tongues he trips over every day ???

  • Alex M.

    AzCiccone´s avatar is hotter. Sorry, didn´t do it fo´ me.

  • Xavier

    One word: GORGEOUS! I agree with you on the gay porn thing. I would def watch him every night before I go to bed…

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  • Chris

    This man is godly. Oh my god. Why can’t he be mine?

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