Derek Magyar

Derek Magyar Shirtless

Derek Magyar is pretty much an unknown. He’s only done some small film and television roles, from what I can tell, but once I saw him in the movie “Boy Culture” I knew he was post-worthy. Needless to say, Derek has a great body, but his face is what really drew me in. He’s manly, but still has some boyishness to his features. He almost looks like he could be the younger brother of Michael T. Weiss from “The Pretender”. The movie didn’t have nearly enough shirtlessness to suit me, but it’s innocuous and worth a look if just to see more of Derek.

Derek Magyar Shirtless

  • cheeno


  • KarmaLysing

    Damn… He’s… Damn… I wonder if he actually IS Magyar…

  • DoverDavid

    Did someone say Michael T. Weiss, now he is cuter than this guy.


    AW MAN!!!!!!!!

    I WAS HYPNOTIZED!!!!!!!!!

  • szoszo

    KarmaLysing lol! i wonder too! i am actually magyar but i’ve never seen him ever.

  • David

    wow thats a fine specimen gotta give that to you id call in sick to work and stay in bed all day if he was in it

  • Matt

    Where is Weiss these days?

  • undapantsman

    if i may use this spelling: HAWT.

  • Xavier

    He plays a gay guy right? CAn I be in the movie please?!

  • sassywench

    I could lick that chest and bite those nipples for days!

  • Seriously, watch the movie with the sound off and just look at the cute guys. It is atrociously, embarrassingly bad.

  • jake

    Can you say “Lucky Laptop”?

  • ww020864

    is he an angel?


    very cute mmm mmmmm

  • william

    hes one hot looking guy and i love hes blue eyes

  • Joetx

    @ chriso – I didn’t think the movie was bad. In fact, it was much better than I thought it would be since I have low expectations for “gay movies.”

    Back to Mr. Magyar, he was good in the movie. Very convincing.

  • sean

    Just saw his performance in boy culture, and wow I am in love…..

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