GQ Men of the Year

GQ Men of the Year

And I care because my potential husbands (Jon Hamm, Aaron Eckhart, Brandon Flowers), unconventional sexiness (John Malkovich), hottest president ever since JFK (Barack Obama) and general hotness (James Franco, Jason Statham, Leonardo DiCaprio) are in it. Not sure if I should warn you about the non-shirtlessness in this post but we’re all adults right? I’m sure we can handle clothed men as well as the shirtless ones. And if it’s any consolation, the Phelps gets an exception. Here are some of my favorites, after the jump.

Jon Hamm – Breakout of the Year. Does anyone know if that piece of wheat is up for sale?

Jon Hamm is GQ Man of The Year

Barack Obama – Game Changer of the Year. Again, are you sure this is not Denzel Washington?

Barack Obama is GQ Man of The Year

Leonardo Dicaprio – Leading Man of the Year. I should rewatch “The Departed” over and over again.

Leonardo DiCaprio is GQ Man of The Year

Michael Phelps – Golden Boy of the Year. I’m out of hot words to describe this guy.

Michael Phelps is GQ Man of The Year

Aaron Eckhart – Villain of the Year. Take me now, damn it!

Aaron Eckhart is GQ Man of The Year

John Malkovich – Mad Genius of the Year. I volunteer to be that brown pigeon.

John Malkovich is GQ Man of The Year

James Franco – Screen Idol of the Year. He doesn’t look high for once which is a good thing.

James Franco is GQ Man of The Year

Brandon Flowers – Killer Year. Looks like the roadkill is taking a break.

Brandon Flowers is GQ Man of The Year

Jason Statham – Action Hero of the Year. This picture is as useless as a hot dog cooker. Shirt off Statham. Now!

Jason Statham is GQ Man of The Year

I didn’t get most of them (DiCaprio and Franco in particular) but you can read more about these men in American GQ December issue or go here to read the feature. I’ll leave you with this obligatory gif of Hamm eating Hamm’s Ham.

Hamm’s Ham

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