Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

At the risk of contradicting myself, here’s yet another pretty model, Jonathan Smith. It’s obvious why I decided to post this piece of delectable manflesh right? Damn that chest. Jonathan is November’s Man of Austin and he is waiting for me to marry him. Wait, isn’t our previously featured model Olaf was a Man of Austin too? Double damn! Where do they find these impossibly gorgeous hunks? Is there a hairy studfarm somewhere in Austin that we don’t know about? Aside from the drooling and the fainting, the major point here is he was making a bold statement in opposing the devastating pass of Prop 8 (and Amendment 2 if you’re in Florida). We could use any form of help we can get at this point. Now, to answer your question Jon dear — yes, I DO.

Read more about Jonathan at Man of Austin and more delicious pictures can be found at the hunk headquarters Hunk du Jour (Chris, I’m so jellis!).

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

Jonathan Smith Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Mmmmm pit, thigh and a hint of ass, what else could I ask for? Other than passing my phone number along to him.

  • Jay

    Isn’t that the same guy you posted about a few days ago? no? oh. i guess it was the completely generic buzzcut-mit-toosexy image that threw me.

  • Boris

    The body is obvioously wonderful, but have you noticed his EYES?

  • Dangit Jay, you just reminded me of how generic these boys look. Now I’m starting to think that Austin studfarm really do exist!

  • MM

    Wow, frickin’ awesome. It’s fantastic to see models that actually look like men…

  • rodmdz

    Oh yes! Me want some of that!

  • KarmaLysing

    I, too, noticed those eyes first and the chest second, Boris… Sigh…



  • Who says it’s wrong to be a model-izer?

  • Andy

    I noticed everything else but his eyes are hot and his chest is hot too..

  • OMg what a hunk…. *drool*

  • undapantsman

    hawt! seriously, love the facial hair, body, and eyes… *swoon* haha

  • WarpedRecord

    Sheer perfection, and Jonathan will only improve with age. I saw this on “Hunk of a Day” a few days ago, and I’m more than happy to see him again here.

    Of course I do, but will he? Certainly not with me!

  • Robert Frank

    Jonathan Smith is handsome, hairy, sexy, and hot. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  • sassywench

    D A M N! Santa, take note. This is what I want under my tree next month. Love, love, love the next to the last photo!

  • phil

    I just wanna get lost in that treasure trail, ’til I find the promised land…And from what y’all can see hinted at in the sheets-there’s a LOT of promised land!!!

  • QCNiceGuy

    I think this one is absolute perfection! The first picture, where the shirt is slightly unbuttoned with a hint of the hairy treasure it is hiding, is the definition of sex appeal.

  • 24gotham

    Perhaps the most beautiful man featured on this site…. I would turn into a bottom just for the privilege of bearing his children…

  • phil

    Hey Square, shoutin’ out to ya…Saw this really cute movie yesterday called Trick…Made in 1999, it’s a boy meets boy story…It stars two really hot pretty boys, Christian Campbell, and John Paul Pitoc…Pitoc easiely spends 1/2 the movie shirtless(droooollll)…Campbell is borderline pretty boy/adorkable, but has a great chest…It might be worth a look(and garner quite a few caps)…As they say on Top Chef: “Please enjoy”…

  • Phuzz

    good chest, pit, and belly

  • Hairyguysballslicker

    he is so hariy!!!i just want to lick his hairy bod……
    and what beautifull armpits and hairy legs…….
    i am going to masterbate now……..

  • Patrick

    Now I know what it feels like to get “the vapors.” That chest is near perfection!

  • loudrockmusic

    you’d be surprised at the explosion of hot dudes that stud farm turns out down here in Austin! All shapes and sizes, too!

  • Wow!!! Mama Mia!!! This is one fine dude… don’t know but you other guys but this one’s the cream of the banana pie!!! Absolutely YUMMY!!!

  • WMassGuy

    Simply stunning! Move over Hugh Jackman! This guy gets my vote for sexiest man alive!

  • steve

    What a truly beautiful guy Jonathan Smith is….his face eyes body, they make me drool…..and also the first guy that i have seen for a very long time that allows his body hair to grow without any trimming….it even sweeps up the base of his neck….again something very different to whatt we are now used to…..please do not allow the photograher to persuade him to shave or trim….the hair on his chest stomach and neck is what makes him so different….will there be any more photo shoots……or is this a one off?

  • hot

  • hot

  • hot

  • sweet eyes, very nice everything else, dude.
    Ai meu Deus!


  • robertg

    no manscaping here. too daunting a job anyway. one of the sexiest, hairiest, beautiful bod-est guys on the site. glorious!

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  • Joanna

    OMG!! If I were still young and dumb and full of c__ I’d put my left marrying finger right through that ring and attack that gorgeous hunk of manhood. What a beautiful man!! Oh so YUMMMMMMY!! Just like cake!!

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