Kip Pardue

Kip Pardue Shirtless

Kip Pardue is another one of those hot guys that seemed to have so much star potential a few years ago, but never really seemed to click into place. I myself had more or less forgot about him until I caught a replay of “Loggerheads” on TV. These caps are from both “Loggerheads” and another film that is certain to become a classic: “The Wizard Of Gore”.


Kip Pardue Shirtless

“The Wizard Of Gore”

  • I agree. I remembered Kip Pardue was THE hunk to crush on in the late 90s but it’s unfortunate his career didn’t take off that well. Imagine he and Patrick Wilson playing brothers in a movie. Yum. Also, I think he and Eddie Redmayne are candidates for Separated at Birth. We haven’t done that in a while.

    p.s: I can’t thank you enough for posting this in the time of crisis (read: computerless)! Pray for my machine’s health and more importantly, all the shirtless men in it. =)

  • Kip’s failure to click is mystifying. He was good in “Loggerheads” and even made the godawful Sylvester Stallone/Burt Reynolds(!) bomb “Driven” worth a look.

  • u do know he was naked in rules of attraction… i mean full fledged frontal naked.

  • WarpedRecord

    The boy has potential, but I get the feeling his father is hotter! Of course, I like ’em mature.

  • KarmaLysing

    In addition to that rather unfortunate given name, this cutie hovers right on the cusp of “adorkable”, so it’s likely hard for casting directors to decide where he goes. Which is too bad, as I’d be happy to see more of him. In every possible sense of the word “more”…

  • KarmaLysing , you are SOOOOO right. He is right on the cusp of adorkable. I had a chit chat with Square about another guy who falls in this category: blonde, slightly goofy smile, just on the edge of adorkable: Steve Zahn. These guys look nothing alike, but they are both my type.

    A hot hunky-adorkable hybrid!

  • Matt

    I think he looks 10xs hotter with those glasses on.

  • deej

    Kip Pardue has been a big object of my fantasies since the first time I laid eyes on him. I do wish we could see more of him (pun intended) on the screen. I can’t figure out what happened…he’s got the talent and without doubt the looks. Come on Kip…cum on me.

  • LifeTrek

    I’m a sucker for a good Adams apple and he has a great one! I stare at his and Mark Wahlberg’s through every move they are in.

  • i agree with you Pswire that Kip is one of those super hot actors who could actually act whose non-A level status in the business is mystifying. to which
    have you seen RULES OF ATTRACTION? the much talked about frontal nude scene is so snappily edited i have always wondered if a body double was
    used. since if my memory serves correctly you don’t actually see his face
    in said scene.

  • deej

    Hmm…hadn’t thought of that possibility. In that case, since I will never meet Kip Pardue, maybe I could find his body double, and just pretend.

  • deej

    I saw that movie and was wowed by (what I thought, anyway) was his body as well as his face.
    Hmm…hadn’t thought of the possibility of a body double there. In that case, since I will never meet Kip Pardue, maybe I could find his body double, and just pretend.

  • Anon

    I had once read that Kip purposely avoided large budget films after the disappointment of Driven. That would explain why he’s doing mostly low budget indie films. Some of them were excellent like Thirteen, Imaginary Heroes, and Loggerheads. Since Loggerheads though, he’s been doing a lot of comedies and horror films. Some of them were ok but others were just awful. If he’s happy being an anonymous working actor then so be it. I do think he’s capable of much better though.

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