Maybe He Doesn’t Need That Advice After All

Charlie and Marcus Honeymoon

Of course, I’m talking about this season’s “Survivor” powercouple — CHARCUS. And what’s with the color coded dresses? Are they trying to tell us something? Let me try to decipher it for you. Hmm… Marcus wearing pink could mean “I’m comfortable with my sexuality” or simply “I live downstairs”. Most probably the latter. To be honest, it’s Marcus that should be honored because I think Charlie is a very, very adorable guy and he could have any men he wanted. (Just not those 3, please) These images of arguably the cutest couple on reality television are from their honeymoon some event somewhere that I have no interest of, posted at Survivor Sucks. You totally can cut the sexual tension with a rusty machete! That said, I should stop blabbering about other peoples’ relationships and focus on more important things, like hairy chests and stuff.

Charlie and Marcus Honeymoon

Charlie and Marcus Honeymoon

Charlie and Marcus Honeymoon

Charlie and Marcus Honeymoon

  • Noone

    Someone should really edit out the girl on the last pic, she really crushes the image in your head: The two men, lying in a bed…or a tub…

  • WarpedRecord

    Wow, “Survivor” is still on the air? Who are the people keeping it alive? Actually, I’d rather not know.

  • QCNiceGuy

    I wished I had watched the program now! What a pair of cuties!

  • faz

    i can think of marcus everyday! god! he is my dream doctor!

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