Sam Witwer

Sam Witwer Shirtless

If anybody can claim that they’re having a good year in 2008, it has to be Sam Witwer. After seven years of acting in bit parts of high profile productions, he’s finally an overnight sensation. Not only did Sam score his first regular TV role on “Smallville”, but he also starred in one of the year’s most high profile video game offerings: “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”. There’s even talk of a “Star Wars” movie, which would, well, probably ruin his career, but I’d still watch it. And as if that wasn’t enough good fortune for one person, it also turns out that he’s ridiculously hot. I thought the hottest thing about him were his lips …until he took his shirt off. The caps and most of the stills below are from the “Smallville” episode “Bloodline”.

 Sam Witwer Shirtless

Sam’s even hot as a video game character!

  • AaronJ

    Wow. Holy cow. I missed that episode of Smallville. It is rare that I do. Square, you done good. Sam is definitely going into my mind’s eye today at work. Thanks for that!

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  • It is a GREAT year for Sam…he also fronts a hot band called The Crashtones.

  • Yep!! … there’s something awfully sexy bout them brown eyes… he’s got a fab bod for sure… luv that dimpled clef in his chin it kinda sets off his sweet look’n lips…..I’d kiss him all over for sure….

  • Milton

    Sam is simply DELICIOUS!! In addition to those lips, we’ve got that wavy brunette hair, that dimpled chin, those magnificent biceps. He’s one beautiful chunk of beefcake. I’ve got his fanpage on my My Space friends list. In the 2nd Sam Witwer post (you WERE going to do another Sam Witwer post, right?) you should include the shot of him as “Crashdown”, from “Battlestar Galactica”. Shows off his “guns” in a sleeveless khaki undershirt.

  • KarmaLysing

    And he sings, too… OF course, I’d be perfectly happy to just have him sit there and read me the phone book. In the nude. Heh.

  • Ocalacam

    In a previous “Smallville” episode he actually has a shower scene near the end where you can admire his RIDICULOUSLY ripped body…wet…

  • Patrick

    I wanna touch those abs.

  • well well Mr. SquareH. being an ardent admirer of beautiful masculine men
    i am highly surprised you did not screen cap the previous episode of SMALLVILLE in which Sam W. takes a very sexily shot shower. not only
    that but in said scene we even get a discreet shot of the gorgeous Sam W.
    nude. nice well toned butt(we get a side view of it).

  • Psiwire

    I don’t get to watch “Smallville” every week, so I haven’t seen Mr. Witwer shirtless before. I’ll keep an eye out for future skin scenes. Knowing “Smallville”, there’s sure to be more to come.

  • Two words — DARK and LIPS. Oh that tight body as well. Gimme!


    would like to go hiking on that happy trail………

  • Kyle

    Anyone think he looks like a young Lawrence Olivier?

  • petey

    Oh my goodness I would plant him and grow a whole field full. The genius that is BSG was like an incubator for his ultra moody furrowed brow pouty lipped hotness. So say we all!

  • Brendan

    I wanna make love to those lips, molest those abs, and suck the nipples. Among other things.

  • OMG… F*ck my life… oh my goodness… I wanna do bad things to Sam!

  • Brian

    hey, how about the totally naked shower scene from a couple of episodes previous? the one where he’s washing all that blood off himself. there’s a moment when he grabs himself all over with a puzzled look on his face. turns out he was acting surprised at not having any injuries. but my first reaction was that he was thinking “omg, i had no idea i was this hot!”

  • Rad

    Yeah, WOW! This is another one of those guys who should NEVER be allowed to wear a shirt.

  • Nate

    He looks like he could Henry Rollins’ son.

  • KyleR

    And the ironic thing is that I always thought he was ugly in those BSG episodes. I guess I was just always thinking of Apollo. That hot little Brit, Jaime Bamber for those that didn’t watch.

  • Love puppy

    That guy is so cute I can just bite him

  • Love puppy

    I’m not that much a fan I’m just a ten year old girl a dosen’t anybody like Adam Rodriguez I think there both cute ok if they got into a fight who do u think will win?

  • Lovepuppy

    I don’t care If sam here’s this if he does so be it I don’t love him that much

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