Someone Give Logan Bartholomew A Job

Logan Bartholomew

Because it is a terrible crime against humanity to let a beautiful male specimen like this one go unnoticed. Look at those pretty eyes! I don’t care if it’s a B sci-fi straight to DVD movie or a really shitty horror teen flick but we need more of this Ohio hotness (shirtless) on the screen damn it! Logan Bartholomew was a popular pick in Hallmark borefests like “Love Abiding Joy” (I watched this, sadly) and “Love’s Lost Journey”. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo, because it’s illegal to put “love” in the title without actually having a love / shirtless / nude scene in the movie. Another excuse for false advertising! I know you can express love without taking your shirt off but that’s not the point. Logan didn’t even have a Wikipedia page! I talk rubbish when I’m furious! I need to break something or choke a teddy bear. His agent is next!!!

Go to Logan’s IMDB page and see what I mean.

Logan Bartholomew

Logan Bartholomew

Logan Bartholomew

By the way here’s a super closeup for his prospective agents. Ryan Kwanten’s agent are you there?

Logan Bartholomew

Image credit: Eric McCandless for Hallmark

  • rodmdz

    Uhm, I’ll try to imagine he has a hairy chest below all that clothes…

  • How could someone who looks like that *not* get an acting job?!….. 🙁

  • phil

    I’ve got a “job” for him…

  • Mike

    He needs to take that shirt Off NOW!
    Let’s see the nips!

  • Patrick

    LOL Mike. Let’s see those right NOW!

  • Jamie

    Wow. That guy is incredible. Hope his career will take off. And that’s not all I hope gets taken off.

  • He looks like Shia LeBeouf’s slightly hotter brother.

  • Oh snap Square… you’ve done it this time.. how did I now know he existed???

  • sarah

    damn it ! i searched him too, and i didn’t find another informations about him since 2007 !!! i don’t know why….
    Even his biography is incomplete.

  • lianna (logan’s lover)

    Eww you sickos…he’s SOOO hot..and he’s for ME…. ;P i got him first…

  • robertg

    ooooh 😛 ride ’em, cowboy. hat and gear look Aussie. Is he?

  • Logans wifey

    this is my guy so 4get u all…..hes all mine

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  • I agree with Diana. He looks like Shia LeBeouf’s brother, and oh ,the things I can imagine they both could do together…


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