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Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine in Star Trek

Honestly, I don’t watch that many sci-fi series or films but noone can deny that the guys are always hot. ALWAYS. We’re talking about Ben Browder, Jamie Bamber, Scott Bakula hot. That said, I think I’ll definitely watch the highly anticipated summer blockbuster “Star Trek” movie, purely because it has a fantastic lineup of conventional and unconventional hotties β€” Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana, Karl Urban, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Anton Yelchin and Simon Pegg, to name a few.

And since we’re on the topic of science fiction, I think the last sci-fi series I watched was “Thunderbirds” and later, “Terrahawks” back when my major goal in life is to become a professional volleyball player and/or air hostess. Speaking of “Terrahawks” (which was from the UK by the way), I was probably the only one who watched that dolltastic creepfest. Something to do about talking puppets in space that’s very entertaining. Actually, their portrayal of the year 2020 was pretty accurate since celebrities are becoming more and more like marionettes over time, thanks to plastic surgery and Photoshop. Anyhoo, aside from the trailer caps, I’ve also included some guide to “Star Trek” hotties for your convenience because I’m a saint and all. Enjoy.

Chris Pine in Star Trek

1. Chris Pine

This boy is gonna be huuuge and I think he has been making wise career decisions so far to land him a lead role in such a movie as big as this. We thank Chris’s breathtaking blue eyes and his agent for that. We get to see that much needed 3 second love scene in the trailer. Not just any boring love scene, this one clearly showcased his delectable body. Oh and in skimpy tighty whity too. Here are some skin from “Just My Luck”. He also has been shirtless in “Smokin’ Aces” and “Blind Dating”.

Chris Pine in Star Trek

Chris Pine in Star Trek

Chris Pine in Star Trek

Chris Pine in Star Trek

Chris Pine in Star Trek

Chris Pine Shirtless in Star Trek

Chris Pine Shirtless in Star Trek

2. Zachary Quinto

The casting for Zachary Quinto is brilliant, although me thinks noone else can play Spock better than Leonard Nimoy himself. Sure everyone can be Spock with all those makeup but I think Zach already has some Spock-y qualities to begin with. Plus, he’s hot. Funnily enough, I hope he won’t be shirtless in this, because that means he’ll have to shave since there’s no way in deep space hell that Spock sports a triangular shaped chest fuzz. See earlier Zach shirtlessness from the short lived “So Notorious” and as Sylar in various “Heroes” episodes here. Further discussion of Mr. Quinto at the forum can be found here.

Zachary Quinto in Star Trek

Zachary Quinto in Star Trek

3. Eric Bana

This fine piece of uhm talented manmeat definitely needs no further explanation. He was basically shirtless in at least half of his movies, although in this movie Eric have been Xerxefied. We have Mr. Bana’s skin scene in “Troy” but finding other movies with similar treatment isn’t that hard. See “Munich” and “Hulk”.

Eric Bana in Star Trek

4. Anton Yelchin

Not sure about the whiteboy fro, but you can see some of his skin from “Alpha Dogs” and “Charlie Bartlett” if you’re interested.

Anton Yelchin in Star Trek

5. Simon Pegg

Seriously I could eat this not-redhead man alive. We have featured Simon Pegg shirtlessness in “Run Fatboy Run”.

Simon Pegg in Star Trek

6. Bruce Greenwood

I only get to see only a bit of him in the trailer, but I’m sure the tight fitting suit does his well kept body good. I’ve posted his recent shirtlessness from “Republic of Love” last week.

Bruce Greenwood in Star Trek

Of course there’s adorkable John Cho (need to do something about that β€” any suggestions?) and Karl Urban. I only recognized Karl as Eomer in “Lord of the Rings” but he has been showing a lot of skin in “Pathfinder”.

John Cho in Star Trek

Karl Urban in Star Trek

Karl Urban in Pathfinder

Karl Urban in Pathfinder

What! I think this is my longest (written) post like ever. Pat yourself on the back if you have successfully finished reading this!

  • KarmaLysing

    Did John Cho get shirtless at all in either of the “Harold and Kumar” films?

  • Glad you’re up and running again, square. Excellent post!

  • Matt

    I had a thing for Dr. Bashir on Deep Space Nine. He had a bit of a Ion Griffod look but was all his own. Oh and of course that blond cutie Paris on Voyager.

  • Daz

    John Cho was like nekkid in the opening shower scene in Guantanamo Bay!!! I’d love to have his cockmeat sandwich LOL He’s frickin’ adorable!!

    Thanks for this fantastic Trek post!!! That hot scene with Chris Pine will be one to watch for πŸ˜›

  • KarmaLysing

    Matt – YAY, ALEX SIDDIG!!!! He’s STILL way hot.

  • WarpedRecord

    A bit too much on the “chicken” side for my tastes, and Trekkers/Trekkies have never done it for me. And in response to KarmyLysing, it seems to me like Johnny Cho does indeed go shirtless in the first “Harold and Kumar,” but I may be mistaken.

  • Milton

    As a huge Star Trek fan, may you Live Long, & Prosper, Squarehippies. Looking forward to the new Trek movie, next May. Hope to see Chris Pine shirtless, once.
    MY personal Trek hottie is Robert Duncan McNeill, “Tom Paris”, on “Star Trek:Voyager.

  • peter hayes


  • There’s something sexy about this new generation… from Pine to Cho.. Okay! Cheerie O’s to free love in the universe. How bout a halo deck groupie with them all!!! …(whistle…whistle…)!

  • LifeTrek

    Doing those eyebrows on Spock had to be quite a feat — Quinto has amazingly thick and long brows!

    Oh, and Spock does have a rather beautiful hairy chest in the original series — the episode “Patterns of Force” where he whipped by a Nazi. See the Clip here.

  • russell

    zach is gay, so you can actually go for that square! πŸ™‚

  • Bob

    For sci-fi heat, you must check out Ben Browder from FarScape.
    He can ignite a room!


    Spock had quite a bit of chest hair…it could have cxhanged as he aged,. it happens to human so why not Vulcans? More of Zach shirtless is a good thing anyhoo.

  • Walker Girl

    ohhh my God, my Zachary <3 he is just beautiful. course so is Chris and John. cant wait to see this movie, its got lots of potential in it, for sure. *sigh* oh and square, i love you, especially for the links to Zach related things πŸ˜€

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