And The Adorkable of The Year Is…

Adorkable Results

The results are in. Five adorkables, one thousand votes over one week and we finally have our 2008 Adorkable of The Year. I now invite my husband to announce the results. Hit it, babe!

Adorkable Results

It’s Zachary Levi!

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi

Mr. Levi won big by a whopping 47%! I don’t know if this is largely due to the success of his army of fans campaign at and or he has the most mainstream exposure out of all the nominees but I’d say, he totally deserves it. I’m not sure if he is a true adorkable off screen though. Second place goes to Mikey Day and teddy bear Kyle Bornheimer came in a very close third. And yeah Scott, you shouldn’t have trimmed your chest hair, but you will always be have a place in my adorkable loving heart.

And as the winner of Squarehippies Adorkable of The Year award, you are forbidden to use any razor or wax products on your chest for the whole year. Capiche?

  • Ivy


  • Psiwire

    I smell a fix. He must have ties to the Republican party.

  • Fabio

    I love this website.
    It’s here where I can came in middle of day and “get a rest” to my eyes… =)

    Congrats! You have a huge fan in Brazil

  • DoverDavid

    Now I think Mr. Levi should provide us with some exclusive shirtless picture’s in appreciation of his new title. He’s welcome to take off what ever else he might want as well.

  • I second those notions. (Psi & David) LOL
    Fabio, send my warmest regards to those hairy Brazilian daddies. 😛

  • Bruno

    He has such a “gay face”….anyway,,,,It was not my vote ….

  • WarpedRecord

    Not my vote either: My heart – well, my whole body, actually – belongs to Kyle Bornheimer. But Zachary is tres adorkable as well, and I love a dork with a beard.

    Square: Will you be notifying Zach of the title?

  • Of course, I will do the crowning myself tonight. In private. Crowning. Heh.

  • dieguito

    Nah… he’s hot, but i don’t think of him as a adorkable… mi vote will always go to Mikey Day… hope to see more from him in this new year :D!!!

  • RodMDZ

    I voted Mike Day as well… but give me Zachary with the beard and I’ll ditch him.

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  • Joe


  • Phil

    My heart/lust still belongs to Mikey Day…But like I’ve said before I like my men a bit on the “twink”side…That being said my new heart throb(and just a bit lower) is Matthew Keeslar…Hairy chest, fantastic bod, and an angelic face…What’s not to love!

  • rasiapink

    I’ve had thing for Zachary Levi for a while and I am so happy that he won out over those other guys (although Mikey Day is pretty hott as well)

  • Psiwire

    Nice use of John Krasinski in the header, btw.

  • He certainly makes that goofy show watchable.

  • Nebs

    He really looks hot with all that fur. yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nebs

    I kinda’ also like Mike Day., I particullarly had fun watching his
    video/skit/sketch of hot “Cleaner /maintennance guys”. But I like his big hairy partner better (thats a given).



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