Derek Phillips of Friday Night Lights

Derek Phillips Shirtless

These shirtlessness of scruffilicious Derek Phillips from “Friday Night Lights” are donated by our reader Robert H. I can’t say much about this handsome fellow since I don’t watch the show except that he played Billy, the older, hairier brother of Taylor Kitsch’s character, Tim Riggins. If given choice between those two, I would most probably pick this one instead. I think that’s what we call natural selection. That’s all. Wait. Rewind. Is that bikini brief he’s wearing? It’s been a while since I saw a mature, straighter than straight guy wears a bikini brief! Now that’s zexy. Enjoy these while I try to work on a Taylor Kitsch post.

Derek Phillips

Derek Phillips Shirtless

Derek Phillips Shirtless

Derek Phillips Shirtless

Derek Phillips Shirtless

You see, this is exactly the reason why some men must, I repeat, MUST have scruff on their faces. (They’re old, but still)

Derek Phillips

  • Bruno

    What a tiny little frankfurter…

  • RodMDZ

    Oh, who cares… I would eat it with great pleasure, love sausage, no matter the size…

    Yeah, I know, i’m a slut…

  • WarpedRecord

    That’s quite a loverly ampit shot, and who can blame the five of diamonds for sticking to this stud? And I think he has a perfectly delightful frankfurter, but as much as I love the bikini briefs, I think they’re totally unnecessary here.

  • Ronald

    I’ll pass him off to one of the commenters before me here! Not my type @ all !

  • Felix Garmendia

    Not my type at all, Like ’em hairier and faces with much more character. I agree the brief shots are silly.

  • sassywench

    Kind of generic fratty looking–like the really good looking member of the group–but he is cute with a nice body, without being overly muscular.

  • Robert H

    Allright bitches. Do not make fun of my husband anymore or I will cut you. I thought we had some sort of pact about this. He’s wearing the bikini briefs because he plays a drunken, playboy/cowboy redneck, the kind’ve faux-suave operator who would think bikini briefs are an awesome way to get chicks. Now I need a cocktail.

  • Phil

    Some sausages “plump” when they get hot…LOL…

  • Clearly, you are all lacking an underwear fetish. This is the best post here in weeks.

  • Phil

    Plus I notice that that tiny sausage comes with some awfully big um potatoes-me thinks the man may be a grower not a shower…

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