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Chris Durling

This is Chris Durling and he plays Troy, Zac Efron’s character in Australia’s version of “High School Musical Live On Stage”. Although he has a bit of a gayface (nothing wrong with that), I think he’s a cutie. Damn, I just said cutie. I rarely say cutie so this must mean something! If you put Chris and Zac side by side on a shelf in a supermarket, I would definitely put Chris in my crotch cart without having any second thoughts. And since he’s Australian, we can safely assume that he has some Aus-tastic exhibitionism gene in there. Time will tell! By the way, is it just me or the wildcat mascot in the background looks creepy as hell? I think it made a guest appearance in a nightmare I had when I was little.

Chris Durling as Troy

Chris Durling as Troy

Chris Durling as Troy

Chris Durling as Troy

Chris Durling as Troy

Chris Durling as Troy

Chris Durling as Troy

  • Nothing against Zac, but Chris Durling is hotter than he is any old day.

  • Christian

    Agreed. This kid is way hotter than Efron.

  • hjs1985

    he is way cute!!! Im am so moving to australia because all the guys there so hot.

  • KarmaLysing

    1) DAYum.

    2) Him, I’d do. Repeatedly. Until he begged me to give him a rest.

    3) Yeah, that mascot IS a bit disturbin’, isn’t it?

  • Not only that, look at his damn tail! It looks like a long… ah forget it.

  • Ronald

    I’m gonna have to talk to SANTA CLAUS about this one! He’s way hotter then alot of the popular cute stars of today!

  • WarpedRecord

    I’m confused: Is he a basketball player or a cheerleader?

  • K

    he may look cuter but dam, his voice is like a cat being wrung out on laundry day. ITS REALLY BAD. worse than bad actually.

    Sometimes i hate mariah carey for introducing pointless modulation and vibrato to a generation who just cant do it.

  • Nandini

    He’s got a nice smile and arms. Can’t forget those arms, but other than that, ehh.. He doesn’t do much for me.

  • Bob

    Chris Durling definitely has more muscular arms and a more cut torso, but Zac is maturing into a really handsome, manly guy. His muscles are developing as he continues to work out, so it won’t be long before Zac overtakes Chris in the muscles department. Now, if he’d get rid of those bangs, his maturity would shine out even more.

  • Neither of these Troy Boltons interests me…But I think that some guys are suitable muscles, like this guy Chris, and some guys are supposed to stay lean, like Zac. Not being muscular is not the end of the world, they should know.

  • Harry

    He’s worth nothing with a shirt on.

  • Psiwire

    Cute, but generic. He’s no Zac.

  • michael adam alanzo

    I agree with Harry, he isn’t worth anything unless we can see Chris Durling side by side with Zac Efron, both of them shirtless, but naked would be much much better!
    Hopefully, we’ll all get that chance! 😉

  • Josh

    Zac Efron has nothing on this guy. Efron is just so far from attractive, cute or sexy. He’s like …….. a girl.

  • Marrymechris

    Wow! Chris Durling is my new obsession.He is lush! Way hotter than little boy Zac Efron could ever be! It’s never interested me to even see high school musical but I’ll definatley be buying a ticket to see this fine slice of A grade meat at work! Go and gel up your gay emo fringe and step to the side Zac cos this Aussie hottie has taken over!! Wooo

  • He is hot but what does gay face mean?

  • GodricG_Godfrey

    I know this is an old post but a gay face hey? One could only hope at least my chances would be slim to none oppose to Zip, Zero, Zilch. Loved him on Spicks and Specks and I hope to see his career sky rocket. I love to see us Aussies make it to the big times, best of luck to him.

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