I Accidentally Capped These

Joe Jonas Shirtless

For some weird reason I accidentally have “Camp Rock” within my reach. Also for some weird reason I accidentally capped these shirtless Joe Jonas from the film for the sake of it. Shut up. Since this website is the gift keeps on giving and all, this post is dedicated to all female readers under the age of 20. Okay, 25. I still don’t get what is it with boys who look like girls that make girls who like boys go apeshit. Anyways, for someone who has thick ass brows on his face, Joe should have an equally thick… Ah forget it. I guess Brandon Routh has already gave me the answer.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Joe Jonas Shirtless

Now here’s a real eye candy for me. This is Daniel Fathers, he is British and needs to take off his shirt immediately.

Daniel Fathers

Daniel Fathers

  • Well, Square, I’m a girl under 20 but I don’t find him appealling and all.
    Just a little notification. 😛

  • Bruno

    He´s a hot teenager ….gonna be a hot adult

  • len

    excuse me but i think he is hot! i think that a shag rug belongs on a floor,not a chest.and i would go apeshit over pretty to BUTCH any day

  • Bob

    well, I wonder if he has hairy legs????

  • szoszo

    I’m there with the girl under 20 and the Hugh Laurie user pic! More Hugh and Robert Downey Jr for the U20 masses!!!

  • Insight646

    No matter how/what he grows up to be like, he better learn to walk like a real man before he gets a rise outta me!

  • WarpedRecord

    I’m a man over 40 who agrees with the girl under 20. The appeal of the Jonas twinks – physically as well as musically – completely eludes me.

    In my day, the sexy rockers were Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers – and as an added bonus, they could sing too. I fear for a future ruled by people who grew up thinking that Miley Cyrus is a singer, Ashton Kutcher is an actor, and Robert Pattinson is a hunk. OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now before these aging legs give out and I launch into my P. Diddy rant.

    But I agree that Daniel Fathers need to shed shirt immediately. You can tell from his arms he’ll probably have some chest fur keep him warm.

  • KarmaLysing

    Even when I was a girl under 17, I didn’t go for twinks.

    Hot + Blond + Quite Probably Somewhat Furry + British, on the other hand…

  • Ronald

    He’s a very nice looking young guy! Probably has a nice built naked body including his package! Hey he’s in the pics and I like what I am viewing. When and If I’d get to see the rwal thing we’ll have to see what happens!

  • len

    warped record, for the record, robert pattinson IS a hunk.i would agree with you that ashton kusher isn’t one. topher grace IS. and i think that while the jonas bros. can’t really sing,whats wrong with eye candy.

  • The Duckhunter

    Square can you explain to me why you dont consider Joe Jonas attractive?

    Me I would rape him and I would hope he rapes me!

    Well you know what I mean have sex with me all day long.

    Joes furry legs, Furry chest I would lick until the cows flew

    I dont get how you like Daniel His old his bald and his skin is sagging

    and his muscle definaition is sagging too

    But watching Shallow Hal I can understand when Robbins says what is beauty isnt it in the eye of beholder?

  • Milton

    Lord, help me! I think that Joe Jonas is cute. Guys’ legs generally are the hairiest part of the body, & I don’t see Joe being able to sit down often enough to shave his legs. But then again, he might not have the hairest….awww, who cares? Sometimes you feel like a twink;sometimes you don’t.
    I have seen a picture of him in swimming trunks, compleletly out of the water. Da’ boy got some fine legs.
    P.S. Keep an eye out for Nick(dear God, i know their names!). He’s showing future hotness potential.

  • yeah – I don’t think any of the jonas brothers are hot in any way shape or form. They’re just…. not.

    with there big girly eyes and overly gelled hair! EEP

  • Psiwire

    I think you miscategorized this post, Square. I have a wind-up monkey that bangs two cymbals together, but I wouldn’t call him a musician either.

    Joe Jonas would be cute though if he had a boy’s haircut.

  • The Duckhunter

    Well look here FUR!


    The problem with Disney is they want the guys to wax like GIRLS!

    and he does have chest hair they just told him to shave it off!

    But both Kevin and Joe are FURRY BEASTS!



  • Curtis

    Wow by the amount of posts everyone must like him or some may be just jealous. He is very hot! Thanks for posting him. and anymore of him will be greatly appreciated by the shirtless male fans!



    Eyebrows, huh? What about Lee Pace?

  • Duckhunter1

    No Joey!

    Preferably NAKED!

    Here is me wishing! with his naked body and chest pelt not shaved on like Disney WANTED!

    Damn RAT!

  • Jazz

    This is not a good looking guy. As a 16 year-old girl, a lot of my peers worship the ground this teen walks on, I, however, do not find him attractive. Paul Rudd, definatly, James Denton, without a doubt and Zach Braff. Sex on legs those three. Matthew Perry rules the roost though

  • m0nd

    i’m a girl and i’m proud to say that Joe j. does nothing for me, he’s so like blah! maybe with another haircut but just maybe.
    But Daniel Fathers on the other hand, makes me think that i could totally dig some shirtless action..

  • Charlene

    He has a hot body.A hot chest.And a has everything.what more could you ask for?also I would love to know what it is like in that body.I am a disturbed teen

  • /–

    Do you know what turns me on?hair.like a hairy armpit.it says that boy are really men and joe definately has some.and by the look of his bear chest ,it looks like he has some in other place.wink wink

  • Ch

    He is somebody who looks sexy everywhere and everyone wants to be him.even though I’m a girl I would change bodies with him forever and have him yummmy chest and muscley arms.I wouldn’t care if there was hair anywhere,like his armpit or legs.I would do anything to get that body.

  • ______X

    Do you know,Im a girl to and i would rather be Joe Jonas as well.I would love to have joes armpit hair.Sweat out his sweat.I would even kiss a girl just to be him.Like the other commet, IM A DISTURBED TEEN

  • Marc

    He is beautiful, met him at a dinner and is so gay, I dont care – I wanted to fuck him right there in front of the other guests. I want to see his hairy legs.

  • he is like sooooooooooooooooooo hot he is way much hoter then ZAC EFRON

  • i luv joe don’t u guys?<33333

  • Rocio

    OMFG!!! Joe Jonas is my future husband… this was the only highlight of the movie!… He’s frickin gorgeous!… & to u who said he isn’t a real musician, The JoBros r frickin awesome!!!… I’m 21!!! so I guess i’m not in the under 20’s ratio lol… but that don’t mean i don’t like the Hugh Jackman’s, Sean Connery’s or the Brad Pitt’s… I love all of them! 🙂 Joe will grow up nicely 🙂 I LOVE HIM

  • Chris de Palm Springs

    Daniel Fathers YES, yes, yes!! Shirtless soon, sooner, now even!

  • critter

    He needs to hit the gym. Work on the abs.

  • На Ваш блог знакомый в аську ссылку кинул. Оказалось ,что не зря 🙂 Понравилось. Тепрь все время читать буду 🙂

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  • ivaAaAa

    Joe Jonas is so sweet {} {} {} :love: :love:

  • chris

    i luuuuuvvvvvveeeee yyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuuu you sexxxxxyyyyy bbbbbbbbbboooooooyyyyyyy

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