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Husbands Clothes

Posting shirtless men is hardly a job, but you get the idea and I am lovin’ every second of it. Things like this make me get up in the morning and churn out post after post without fail. The story goes that my dearest friend and also our co-author Jason O of LeadingMenCollection sent me these bundle of joy (to say the least) from the magical land of Miami(!) therefore I am now done with Christmas. Like DONE. No more presents for me, unless one of you guys send me one of my husbands very neatly packaged (we don’t want any damage on the goods), like what Jason did with these amazingly wonderful gifts. I’ve never got so excited over a bunch of used clothes in my life. Pictures and more of my insane babbling after the jump. Please excuse the angles. I was trying to be arty.

At first I was hoping to get something from my second husband Mr. K but then I realized Jason loved me more since I would spontaneously combust at the sight of 3 of my husbands’ clothing at once. I don’t think I’ll ever can thank him enough.

Husbands Clothes

Husbands Clothes Closeup

Certificates of Authencity

Jason Sudeikis DKNY Striped Burgundy Tie from “Meet Bill”

Jason Sudeikis's DKNY Tie

Closeup of Jason Sudeikis's Tie

My prized possession. Since there’s no way in hell chances are little that I can get Jason Sudeikis for myself (unless cloning is allowed, but that’s another story), the closest I can get to him is the stuff he wears and heaven knows I will treasure this tie forever! At first I was about to do a pose ala Stalker Aniston in GQ with this  gorgeous tie but then I realized the repair cost for computer screens are quite high these days, so I’m not gonna risk it. I love you guys too much.

Paul Rudd’s James Perse T-Shirt and PX Shirt from “Over Her Dead Body”

Paul Rudd’s James Perse T-Shirt

Paul Rudd’s PX Shirt and Tag

Now I have a reason to watch “Over Her Dead Body” over and over again! Paul is size 2 / medium which is totally my size. Dayum, we already have so much in common! I wonder if one piece from his natural reserve escaped and held on to this T-Shirt. I need to do more investigation. I think “Dead Fiancée” is the working title for the movie. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Ryan Kwanten’s American Eagle Short from “Summerland”

Ryan Kwanten’s Short

Ryan Kwanten’s Short

Yes, it’s the freaking Jason Stackhouse from freaking True Blood! And I would like to think he hardly wore anything underneath because Ryan’s body repels any form of clothing, except this one of course. He was forced to wear it. A size 30 which is again, my size!

Now please excuse me while I go faint, giggle like a schoolgirl and repeat. And while I do that, go get something for yourself (and your loved ones) as well! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

p.s: In case anyone was wondering, the film reel ribbon came with the clothes.

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