One Month Later, I Still Don’t Get It

Robert Pattinson

Maybe I’m not a hormonal 14 year old (I used to be one so I know what it’s like) but does anyone else still don’t get why Robert Pattinson creams people’s pants? Half of the teenage population of the world would die over him and I still don’t get it. He looks like he didn’t take a bath for two years and I don’t think this is what you call “out of bed” look, it’s more like “forever in bed” look! Plus, he hates the attention he’s getting. Okay, maybe that’s part of his charms but he’s no Johnny Depp! Or is he? They should give equal attention other eye candies of “Twillight” like Cam Gigandet and Kellan Lutz. That being said, this boy needs to do a proper shirtless photo shoot stat, because I think he did his part of conserving the nature by not cutting down any trees, if you know what I mean. Let’s see that trail in it’s full glory, baby. I am not content with just a partial open shirt shot!

Robert Pattinson

From Entertainment Weekly shot by Jeff Riedel.

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

What’s that? Okay, if you insist.

Robert Pattinson's Hairy Chest

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

  • QCNiceGuy

    Count me in as someone who doesn’t get him. It’s like he has to be photographed from just the right angle to make him half-way appealing. I do like the beginnings of his hairiness but would like to see him not pale and borderline twink-like.

  • rodmdz

    I used to find him more attractive in the “Cedric Diggory Era”… now he’s too… au naturale i must say.
    But i wouldn’t kick him out of my bed… not now, not ever.

  • Ronald

    He’s got this WICKED SEXY look to him is all I can say! I think women are more attracted to him.He doesn’t do too much for me anyways!

  • Gyllenhaalic

    Well, I am a passionate Twilight reader, and I don’t get Robert Pattison either. A friend of mine (she actually made me read these books) was at a lecture by Mrs Stephanie Meyer in person in Germany and she asked her if she was content with the choice of the cast (particularly Robert) and well, she said, she thinks he’s ok…
    I never particularly liked him, though he looked kinda shaggable as Cedric Diggory.
    I don’t think I’m gonna watch the movie, cause the whole cast kinda sucks…

  • peter hayes


  • The Duckhunter

    That chest pelt makes me want to such every single chest hair!

    Sometimes he can look so yummy others not so hot

  • Milton

    I, too, used to think that he was sexier in his Harry Potter days. Now?…eh.
    I think his cast-mates, Cam Gigandet, & Taylor Lautner, should do a heavey man-on-man scene……….Oh! Sorry. I just drifted off into a fantasy I was just having. As I was saying, Cam & Taylor,are WAAY sexier than he’ll ever be.

  • DoverDavid

    Never did anything for me, although I wonder what a “cleaned up” image of him might look like?

  • WarpedRecord

    I totally don’t get it either. He looks like a girly boy to me, one of those androgynous models used to sell cologne and clothes I never buy. Maybe when he grows up, I’ll find him attractive, but probably not.

  • Z

    At first I didn’t get it either, but after I saw the movie… IDK he has “something” that I like …. or maybe I’m just weird! ha

  • Blake

    love the eyes and when he rocks the scruff. i personally think he’s very sexy and if he wanted to suck my blood anytime, he’s welcome to turn me. 🙂

  • Fabuloso

    I saw Twilight because my sister dragged me to it. But, I have to say the best part of it was RP. I’m in my 30s and no fangirl, but I think he’s very handsome. I saw a few of his interviews on the net and his sense of humor and self-depreciating attitude make him even more attractive. Plus, he’s well-read and talented musically. Doesn’t seem like a soulless Hollywood wannabe. All of that’s good.

    However, to each his own. I’ve never found Brad Pitt very good looking, but everybody seems to go nuts over him. There’s somebody for everybody, I guess.

  • Laura

    He is the sexiest frigging man I have ever seen and ever will see!

  • Am.I.Gay.?

    he reminds me of this seriously hot guy (who looks just like him,except with better hair) in college. but he was a complete jerk. sometimes. the girls were crazy for him. my friend screams and squeals everytime she sees him. o’course,i liked him too but since he’s a jerk,that turned me off. but,robbie here seems nice enough. i don’t get him either. i don’t think (some) gay people get him either. he was awesome in Little Ashes though,sort of movie. I think. I’ve only seen the trailers. ;p

  • Am.I.Gay.?

    LOOOOVE his scruff though..;p

  • Am.I.Gay.?

    I think Kristen Steward is beautiful though….; p

  • pickle

    Of course posting bad pictures of him is already biased to begin with. He can look good sometimes, but he looks pretty awful in connection to anything Twilight. He cleans up well and his new short haircut is a good choice.

  • 50% of the hotness comes from the pages of teen books I will never read. But if you pop him under a sunlamp for a few hours, I’d take him.

  • Sorry, even as Cedric I still didn’t find him hot.

    If he wasn’t acting, he’s literally be just another average guy that 90% of people walking on the street would just pass by without giving so much as a second thought regarding his level of attractiveness.

    There’s nothing really striking about him, he looks just like a regular you’d see walking down the block 🙁

  • Liv

    Alright, here’s the thing: Summit turned an excellent book (soon to be series) into a money-maker franchise. I hated the movie, and I hated Rob Pattinson as Edward. It was all too cheesy. Just because they can run fast and jump high does NOT mean they defy physics. God, I hate it. I’ve lost all respect for the entire series. Maybe I’m just too mature.

  • joe

    He’s definitely one of the ugliest guys in recent memory to attain celebrity status. The only topper I can think of is Steve Buscemi.

  • ROFL

  • Klarth

    lol @ joe

    Dayum. I can see how he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but comparing him to Steve Buscemi? Harsh.

    I didn’t realize that was Cedric grown the rest of the way up. (Gee, why didn’t he do something bold post HP like Daniel did during? Seems like the roles are reversed a bit.)

    The funny thing about those books. They made their way around the young and not so young women at work a couple of months ago. The hardbacks of them are Eragon huge, if not more. Then I picked one up off someone’s desk. I was not impressed with the writing. It wasn’t bad. Just…off. It was this internal monologue about the main char and her dad and her bf, and the voice didn’t feel right to me. I was not compelled to continue it.

    SO I won’t be watching the film. It’s just as well. They have clearly twinkified him, and I hate that with a passion. When have you ever seen a vamp with body hair, so i am sure they shaved him down and oiled him up. ugh…

    When he does a role au naturel, I may see it. If it’s good. Otherwise, I can rely on the internet for caps. 😉

    I thought he was cute as Diggory, and he’s still cute-ish, but I agree it’s highly conditional. I don’t mind the bed head, myself. We’ll see.

  • Niksh98

    Well anyways,
    I didn’t like his new haircut and i really hated it.
    Thank God i watched twilight he made me so wet and horny when i saw him!!!
    I Really like his eyes, his hairy chest and his hairy body!!!

  • franki and ash

    well sum ppl might say they dont get him well i just wanted to say i TOATALLY get him i agree he would look better shaved and stuff but he is soo hot and in harry potter he looked too young he looks wayyyyy better in thing that atracts me is his eyes they r the most b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. eyes ive EVER saw!!!!ily rob!!!

  • brenzrdw

    I would just like to say that Robert Pattinson is very goodlooking an he deserves a great life with lots of success. First off ladies, he doesnt necessarily want all of you hovering over him like he were some new puppie you just had to acquire as a new fashion statement an then thought you could train it to do whatever you want to do, not gonna happen…. He is a great person with a good personality an he wants to live his life in privacy an then sit back an joke about all the things people say about him that r absolutely stupid because they dont know him at all….. He also has a good body but doesnt necessarily want everybody looking at it with the great oos… ahs….that do follow this kind of showing off….. He has a plan for his life an he doesnt need everyone in the world knowing what that plan is so he wil just make his movies an just wait 4 everything great to happen an then sit back an laugh at all the fools in the world trying to make or break him…..not gonna happen…. give my best to whoever is out there that understands a great person when they see one!!!! U GO ROBERT PATTINSON make ur life the best one out there!!!!!!

  • metcalfe

    I find him to be one of the sexiest men I have seen in a long, long time. I think he’s incredibly handsome as well as smart and funny – a winning combination.

  • Ashlee

    I don’t really get it as well but I think that it might be the fact that he is an average guy. He’s shy about the attention, he’s not by any means a guy that works our regulary, he’s normal. He’s something that tween girls can see as attainable in some way. He could very well be that hott geeky kid in the lunch room of middle schools everywhere. In my opinion he is a little to arrogant. It could be the character of Edward and not the man himself, too many fans forget that what the actor protrays is not his true self. Whatever it is, I applaude the man for giving little geeks kids and loner boys a chance at getting to the prettier nicer chicks. Maybe after this really bad B movie, girls will start going after the unpopular kids thinking they will be as cool as this guys character. I married a nice guy and geek, they make the best husbands and lovers!

  • Aly


    First of all, it’s funny to see how people ‘hate’ him but still, waisted there time talking about him.

    On my point of view, i’m really really sad about the ‘TwilightMania’. They found the perfect guy who look just like any other guy and people keep saying ‘Is like anybody else’. That’s why little girl are all over him at first. He don’t give the feeling that is better than someone else. Plus, I think that he gave to Edward a sexy-funny shy look.

    Style, of course he’s one of a kind. You don’t like his hairy body, GREAT! That’s leave more to me! Hihi. I don’t think I would like him that much if he would look like those unattractive ””’perfect””’ guys you see in Hollywood.

    I hear his songs like months before I when to see the movie Twilight on theatre ( and when I did I was tripping about hearing my song in the movie. I was shy this morning to find out that it’s was Robert’ song ) and since then, my respect has just grown for him.

    I never wrote on website like right now but I just want to make the girl realise that he is not just a cute-sexy package that you can turn crazy about and then let him down a couple of month after. All girls who wrote ‘ I love Rob ‘ were saying that from a different guy six month ago.

    Today, Rob admit that he’ scared to walk on the street in the USA because girl are just to obsessional about him. He won’t do any performance in London ether (probably for the same reason).

    So i’m ”””happy””” for you that you discover a new actor….

    But the real fan just lost hell of a musician.
    You wanna get wet girl? Lay down on your bed and play his song I’ll Be Your Lover To. That will gave you much sensation than the gay-not gay vampire movie. GO ON, BITE HER! LET ME SEE SOME SKIN… SOME BLOOD!

    So enjoy it before another LordOfTheRing-HarryPotter-Twilight come in to theater.

  • juliet

    i guess its becaus im a brit i really like his untouched look no waxing look for our boy j ust the natural toulsed man ,what you see is more or les what u get ,his intensity in twilight makes a mockery of wanna be s tars like ben barness there was the bigest reaction inthe ci nema when he came on since the time orlando bloom first got his aroows out

  • IloveRob123

    he is the most beautiful man on the planet. the more i see of him, the more i love him. i have never seen anyone better looking than him and there will never be anyone more gorgeous than he is.

  • rplover

    It’s all in the eyes and lips. He does have the dirty, scruffy look but I find it unconventionally attractive and extremely sexy. I guess everyone has their own type and he embodies everything that is beautiful for me. Thanks for the pics.

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  • hempster

    works 4 me and better every sighting

  • hempster

    works 4 me and better every sighting

  • Melanie

    He’s that good looking because he’s not perfect but the sum of his parts make him gorgeous. he’s seems very artistic and yummy.

  • JT

    It’s his sensuality, and the way the camera loves him.

    You want stereotypical beefcake, find some gym bunny. That he didn’t trim is part of the natural appeal (and does much to rid him of Twink designations.

    If the guy himself were interested, I’d go out with him. As Edward, he had me at Hello.

  • b3

    alls i can say is hes fucking hot when hes not looking so fucking pale!!!! when he has some facial hair and hes not ghost white like in the movie i have to say hes the hottest thing alive. still id fuck him anyday!!

  • haley

    iiii lllllooooovvvvveeeeeeee yyyoooooouuu rob i red a whole book all about you i love you soooo freakin much

  • haley

    your my idol if i knew you omg and the twilight movie was tight.
    and did you know that i freakin lllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • nataniasmom

    Well, two things.
    I am not a teenager an I do find him terribly gorgeous.
    Also, he did do something between Harry Potter and Twilight, its just getting released after Twilight although it was filmed first, it’s called “Little Ashes”.
    He plays Salvador Dali and it looks incredible.
    I agree the movie was not as good as the book, but then, what movie is?
    It was low budget as they did not know what the reception would be, I am pretty confident that the next one will be better.
    Also I am really annoyed with the “teen sensation” this whole series has turned into.
    I don’t think teenagers, at tleast not the really young ones that read this, can understand that level of love and relationships.
    But, that just me 🙂

  • JW

    He’s really a bit on the young side to be my type, but something about him in that movie caused me to actually purchase and read the book against my wishes. Love the dirty boy look, love the hairiness, love the eyes, the unusual angles of the face… freaking gorgeous!

  • Kamilla

    He is so overwhelmed with the sudden attention, so he is coping with it in his own way. However, he is trying to earn attention as a great actor, not a just a pretty face.
    He is a great pianist….. he is kind and has a great heart…
    Look at the person and the artist in him first! He is neglecting , disowning his good looks if you will… so the real beauty inside will be noticed. Stay as beautiful as you are inside, Rob!

  • Richard

    I think that Robert Pattinson is quite a guy. He is extremely attractive very talented actor and musician. Talk about something you can’t have. I am a 19 year old attractive young guy. I would consider myself to be a great guy but wow Robert is just something else. I wish I he would even have the littlest interest in me but who am I kidding. For 1 he don’t like guys for 2 he a big star and I am just some teenager lost in a daze is probably what he would see it as ha… but I can dream can’t I. What a great guy though would love to be even his friend.

  • Да, действительно в этом что-то есть. А раньше я ведь был довольно наивен 🙂 Ну что ж – времена изменились 🙂

  • camissexy!

    OMG OMG!!! JUST 1 WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS.. AND IT’S………….. FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • adistiya

    I love robbert pattinson

  • Wow! I have luved rob from the beging…I mean u hav to be very stupid to not like his values c’mon he has a great sence of humor he’s obviously a very smart, charming, and nice guy…..he’s just perfect amd his scruffy luk is just THE perfect touch to his values PERFECT values……iI LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON…AND I ALWAYS WILL!….ROBERT I LOVE YOU!

  • Billies_Girl_66

    I think they Robert is sooooooooo ugly! Cam Gigandet is the hottest one in that damn movie! They could have picked better actors for this movie!

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