It’s Them Gods of Football Again

Hunks of Gods of Football 2009

This is exactly why I love Australians. They’re all about exploiting the male species and damn bloody good at it! And if there’s one group of men that is forbidden to wear any clothes at all, it’s them Australian professional football team (rugby, whichever you prefer). Their latest exploitation is the 2009 “Gods of Football” calendar. I love this type of calendar, they never tell me what date or month it is and I can never plan anything on them because there’s no effing space for me to write. Just kidding. Who writes on calendars anymore? I also pity the football and towels because they had to endure so much musk from these jocks’ crotches, so for the next calendar I am willing to volunteer my head.

These uber Australian hunks was shot by photographer Pedro Virgil and I don’t know any of them, except Nick Youngquest but I’m willing to learn. Since this website is very demure like Katie Price, these are some worksafe teasers from the calendar. Head over here to learn more and get one for yourself.

Thanks Robert!

Gods of Football Cover

Daniel Conn

Kayne Lawton

Nick Youngquest

David Williams

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