James Morrison

James Morrison

UK crooner James Morrison isn’t exactly the prettiest thing on the block but dayum this dude is talented as hell. I mean, I could listen to every song in his albums for days. They’re that good! Of course I had to imagine he serenades me on the bed with his sexy raspy voice with nothing but his guitar. Not going to elaborate further. James has this conventional English boy look, like Coldplay’s Chris Martin with a little bit of edge. These are from the promo shots for his new album, “Songs for You, Truth for Me”. No, actually these are paparazzi shots of him on his way to my flat. I told him to use the limo, but he said he loves to walk and take public transportation instead. Anyhoo, I can see some similarity to Jon McLaughlin makeover, which is a good thing since nobody can rock the shaggy look for long. Hopefully I did not disappoint with this semi-shirtless picture of him from his Gap campaign and some caps from the making of. Enjoy!

Source: Flickr, James Morrison’s Official Forum. For MSJMcL85 (does this mean I can have Jon McLaughlin all by myself?)

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

James Morrison

  • Ronald

    This guy is so DAMN HOT-HOT-HOT! (YUMMY YUM) I wouldn’t push him out of bed !!!

  • Dewey Mee

    James Moorison has the PERFECT type of male navel. The B & W shot of James shirtless in the open black jacket proves it!!!!! I’m going to faint– but please wake me up in time for XMAS.

  • Robert Frank

    He does it for me!

  • Phuzz


  • Jay

    Kind of like Chris Martin + Logan Marshall-Green. I prefer LMG but he’ll do too. I only know him from his guesting on Jason Mraz’s latest.

  • He’s the perfect next door neighbor boy….playing some cliche game like knock knock on the walls??!! XD
    But anyway, if I had power over this then I’ll be living in the world’s most overpopulated neighborhood.

  • WarpedRecord

    I thought James Morrison died in a bathtub in 1971.

  • warpedrecord, rofl. i think the new james can never match the sex appeal of the late mr. morrison, but he came pretty close.

  • biggestFAN

    @Jay Truth, he remember me Chris Martin, a lot.

  • Jeff

    ooh! I just saw a video of James Morrison performing “broken strings”, with Girls Aloud!


    Rule Britannia!

  • Miguel (aka MSJMcL85)

    Took you a while to post this!! (well I came late to the party, so forgive me) 😛

    Him and Jon are both hot, I can’t choose (well, maybe I can, but I won’t).

  • Onelove90

    I’d show him what’s up!

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