Jockstrap: The Seann William Scott Story

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

Here’s a quick munch before bedtime. Butt munch that is! You probably read about this already but what the heck. The ever fabulous Superherofan has posted these delectable caps of Seann William Scott in le jockstrap in his upcoming tennis flick “Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story”. Actually it’s more ass than balls out but I’m not complaining. Seann is one of the few naturally (?) smooth guys I’d go crazy for. I absolutely love that he kept the scruff on for maximum shag effect. Also worth noting is his a little less that crazy fit body which is in my book, a very good thing.

More caps including NSFW ones here!

Seann William Scott in Jockstrap in Balls Out

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

Seann William Scott Shirtless in Balls Out

  • robert

    Seann William Scott is not naturally smooth. Hardly! Check out the arms in a couple of the pics you’ve shown. His chest and legs are fabulous. Hard to find photos of him ‘au naturel’ but they’re out there somewhere. Feast for the eyes!

  • Greg

    Gotta say the same regarding Seann William Scott with a face and arms as hairy as that he surely must pluck that body to to max. Not even a flea trail!!!!! Always loved the Stiffmiester!

  • undapantsman

    man, first going naked in role models (even if for a brief bit) and now this? … i don’t care how bad (or good) the movie is, nor do i care how shallow it’d make me seem, i’d STILL see it just for him. =D haha

  • He’s so beautiful, funny and sexy… He’s been my primary fantasy hubbie for years now!

  • Hmm… everything seems to make a lot of sense now. If he is truly naturally hairy, then it’s a DAMN SHAME because he shaved in practically every movie he’s in!

  • WarpedRecord

    While I certainly don’t approve of Seann shaving, I think he’s adorable regardless. And that’s the luckiest jockstrap in the world!

  • Milton

    Smooth, or hairy, Seann William Scott has one bitchin’ly HOT body. MAN! He can even pull off a ’70’s pornstache!Everyone’s right about his hairy arms. Haven’t had the opportunity to see close-up pics of his bear legs. HAVE seen him in tight, smooth jeans, though.

  • malibujd44

    Am pretty sure he is NOT smooth. Check out those hairy arms. I have pretty much found that hairy arms equal at least some body hair. There was a giant poster of him on Hollyweird blvd this summer and you could see the hair cumming out of the top of his t-shirt. Whatever, he is still beautiful !!

  • robert grant

    The Internet is loaded with the same query: what’s happened to Seann William Scott’s chest hair? Clearly, it was there once. Jeremy Piven has fallen victim to the razor as well. Now THAT’S a real shame!

  • loudrockmusic

    YEAH!!! This is one of the best Square entries ever. I’d prefer a hairy Stifler too, but, I’ll definitely take these caps anyday. AWESOME!

  • OMG! I am…swooning….fainting….

    Must have air. This is amazing.

    Not to self: Find that strap!

  • Bob

    oh come on…Seann is a furball! The Stifler just has to stop shaving that beautiful bod. At least he does not touch those delicious furry arms

  • Phil

    Now THERE’S a bit of clothing I wouldn’t mind being gifted with…

  • ^^^
    Not if I get it first. I’ll fight you to the death…or at least offer to swap. I do have a pair of his dirty jogging shorts.

  • Phil


  • blazatu

    the moustached face alone is more than enough for me!

  • Thanks for those caps. Looks like Scott is packing some meat down there.

  • Jay

    Okay, let me put an end to this. Seann is NOT (naturally) smooth. Tthe pics above (and anytime you see him shirtless and smooth) is because he has been WAXED. He doesn’t shave it off. There was a behind the scenes thing from American Pie where the actors were all waxed so, I’m sure he’s used to it.

  • Reese

    How in the world did I not see these beautiful shots? Wow! He is beautiful, especially with that facial hair.

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