Michael Phelps, Illustrated (Literally)

Michael Phelps Sport Illustrated Cover

There are so many things I wanted to say about this Michael Phelps’ Sports Illustrated Cover as Sportsman of the Year, but I’ll just make it brief and skim to the important bits; the good, the bad and the ugly. First off, good news for us furfans because the fuzz has returned to its rightful place. Of course we don’t get to see the whole shebang, which brings me to the bad. Why is he wearing a shirt? It’s a pretty clever idea to make it wet but I don’t see the point of it being there.

And now, the ugly. What in the Photoshop’s SMUDGE tool hell did they do to his face? I know he doesn’t have much pretty and a bit buttery at times but this is too much! There’s some serious firing need to be done in the art department at the SI’s office, because it looks like someone pasted his face onto that (delicious) body and smudge it to oblivion in like 2 minutes. Oh well, at least the fuzz took some of my attention away from that (not) hot Photoshop mess. Leave Michael Phelps’ face alone!

Sports Illustrated via Towleroad

Michael Phelps Sport Illustrated Cover

  • Zizzy

    I’m from Baltimore and they did a feature on the cover shoot on our local news last night. The unusual appearance is probably due Phelps being shot underwater (apparently a first for a SI cover).

    You could see him going into the pool, fully-clothed, with photographers already under the water.

  • phil

    Who knew he has fuzz?…LOL…Drop the suit and show him from the side…I wanna have his babies…

  • i know Michael isn’t a pretty boy say like Paul Walker but who ever okayed the
    cover shot should be fired or at the least demoted to the mail room. he looks
    like he’s a statue in a wax museum.

  • Colby Varner

    SI has all the staff and money in the sports magazine world and this is the best they can come up with? I’m a graphic artist myself but, come on! I do a better Photoshop job than that! He looks like a Picasso on this one!

  • A Little Edgy

    I love the fuzz! I love Michael Phelps for letting it grow when he’s not in competition.

  • WMassGuy

    A furry Michael Phelps…NOW I’m interested!

  • DoverDavid

    Nice to see him unshaven!!!

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  • Jeff

    It’s not just about the face. They put his head on another model. Michael ‘typically’ doesn’t have chest hair and there are clear indications that the head doesn’t match the neck… There are some really bad PS jobs done on two of the pictures in within the article as well…

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