Miguel in The Middle: Adrian Bellani

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

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The great thing about this site is that it gives us exposure to lesser known gorgeousness. For those of you who work for a living, let me introduce you to an absolutely beautiful daytime star, Adrian Bellani. I stumbled upon this god-like Miami native while investigating the pedigree of some clothes worn by Galen Gering and Jesse Metcalfe from the recently cancelled daytime series, Passions. Jesse Metcalfe played Miguel Lopez-Fitgerald before deciding to hang his bare bottom from the Solis’ window on Desperate Housewives. Jesse’s character, Miguel,  was later replaced – TWICE! And the “Miguel in the Middle” was stunning. Behold Adrian Bellani as he proudly struts around shirtless in episode after episode from 2006-2007. As a fan of Jesse, it kills me to say it, but this guy is even hotter.

I’m not much of a soap fan because the guys are usually so plastic and bland. But this guy feels real. Amazing eyes, chest and everything else. I became madly driven to mine the tawdry soap sites for more images. I felt like I was dumpster diving as I went from soap shrine to soap shrine. But I held my nose and dug deep for these shirtless treasures spanning hundreds of episodes, thinking fondly of all the trashy films Square has endured for us. Enjoy.

Here are all 3 Passions’ Miguels: Jesse Metcalfe, Adrian Bellani, and total non-lookalike, Blair Redford. (Blair did a good job, but what were they thinking?)

Adrian Bellani & Jesse Metcalfe

Whether you prefer him furry…

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Or smooth… (Square close your eyes)…

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Adrian Bellani Shirtless


Adrian Bellani Shirtless


Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Or compliant…

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Dressed up…

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Dressed down…

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Or stripped down…

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

Adrian Bellani was the hottest of the Miguels on Passions. And that’s saying something since Jesse Metcalfe was a very hard act to follow.

Here’s a cap of Jesse as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald with his brother Luis, played by soap hunk Galen Gering. Galen was the victim of poison, abduction, setups, beatings, earthquakes, witchcraft and anything else you can think of from July 1999 to August 2008 when the show gasped its last breath.

Adrian Bellani Shirtless

The Passions plots were so over-the-top (even by soap standards) that when the show ended in August 2008, the reruns were played on the SciFi Channel! Most of these caps came from the sites ePassions and Harmony Manor. Thanks to everyone who made it all the way to the bottom of the dumpster with me!


    Awesome pecs and biceps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very handsome man!!!!!!!!!

  • QCNiceGuy

    Wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!! That is one dreamy hunk of man! (And for the record, I prefer furry!)

  • sassywench

    Smooth or hairy, he is a treat!

  • 24gotham

    Wow, I need to quit my job!

  • I prefer him a little furry, too, but he’s a keeper either way!

    So what do we think? Is he hotter than Jesse or not? And anyone prefer his successor, Blair Redford?

    And how is it possible that we all missed this show while it was on for 9 years?

  • BRING BACK MAN-BROWS! Of course this guy looks better with fur and a little more maturity to his face and body…but most importantly, he looks WAY better WITHOUT the Joan-Crawford, drag-queen-the-morning-after threaded strips.

  • Man-Brows! LOL. I couldn’t agree more! I think one of the reasons he’s a little hotter than Jesse is that Jesse tweezed. Seriously, if you see pictures of Jesse on vacation or away from Hollywood, he looks great, naturally. But he is way over manscaped.

    Personally, I even love a good unibrow. But Adrian is perfect.

    BTW, he doesn’t look bad with his head buzzed, either. He did it for an upcoming movie.

  • LoveHardMaleNipples1

    I saw Passions from the start (taping it from t.v for about 7 years ) up until they moved it to another Network that isn’t aired in Canada I Saw 2″ Ethan Cranes”3 ” Fox Cranes” -Justin Hartley-Nick Stabile (temp)Cameron Wystrath) 3″ Miguel Lopez Fitzgerald- Jessie Metcalfe-Adrian Bellani Slightly Hotter Upgrade from Jessie-Blair Redford.

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