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Michael Phelps ESPN Cover

Take that, Sports Illustrated! Exaggeration is key, and although he was covered in some hot arty mess, Michael Phelps looks super hot and super doable in this cover of the latest issue of ESPN magazine, which I never read. ESPN has some history of featuring hot shirtless athletes on it’s cover and this time they have done it beautifully. Michael should reward the talented people at ESPN’s art department by making coffee for everyone in his speedo. I also love the fact that they left Michael Phelps’ body hair alone. Close ups after the jump, and excuse me while I think of something better to do than examining fuzz all day.

Michael Phelps Shirltess on ESPN Cover


Michael Phelps Shirltess on ESPN Cover


Michael Phelps Shirltess on ESPN Cover

Here is their previous shirtless coverboy, NASCAR’s Carl Edwards. *Dies*

Carl Edwards Shirltess on ESPN Cover

  • WarpedRecord

    I guess the tattoo craze has really gotten to Michael!

    Say Square: How about some screen caps from last night’s “Saturday Night Live,” particularly a shot of him with that horrible toupee as the Illinois governor. I’d love to see a close-up of his mouth saying “Live from New York …” In the interests of modern dentistry, of course! 😉

  • Alex M.

    What´s wrong with the Poiseidon´s face?. I hate to say this, Michael doesn´t do it for me. But Carl Edwards… O.M.G. HAWT!.

  • A Little Edgy

    I’m just waiting and hoping for a straightforward shirtless pic of Michael Phelps while his body hair is still intact. I give most of the credit for leaving his body hair alone to Michael. Whether he does it because he gets tired of shaving or because he likes the way he looks with hair, he get major props in my book for his contribution to the gradual return of normal male body hair to the world of entertainment and celebrity. It’s creeping in everywhere these days. Woot!

  • Bruno

    They are both pretty hot .

  • Brendan

    Carl Edwards is so hot. Phelps is in too many places too soon; I wish he’d throttle the endorsements down.

  • DoverDavid

    I like both of them although the SI cover showed more body hair, which is really what I wanted to see.

  • Matt

    Looking at these two covers I’d swear ESPN was a gay magazine.

  • Clubber

    Actually this is not by ESPN’s art department, it is commisioned to the Italian illustrator/graphic designer Alberto Seveso ( who is famous for this style of illustration.
    Check more of his work on his website.

  • Thanks, Clubber. I stand corrected. Alberto’s works are nothing but AMAZING!

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