Something’s Off With Jason Priestley

If you’re expecting a hot half naked hunk this morning, let me apologize first on behalf of these two pictures. He’s not shirtless or anything (not that I’m interested), but since Jason Priestley was one of my biggest crushes in “90210” after Luke Perry back when I was a raging hormonal teenager, I thought this is worth a post. I mean, what in the world happened to Brandon Walsh? Jason looks like he just escaped Madame Tussauds and has only two expressions on his face; smiling with mouth closed and smiling with mouth opened. You can almost smell the melting wax off his face. I don’t know if he’s been under the knife or not but he looks very plasticky, as seen here with some chick from that shitty new 90210 show. Aging sucks.

via Just Jared

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