A Scruffier, Fuzzier Marco Dapper

Marco Dapper Shirtless

I’m back, kids! Sorry for the absence of posts these past two days. A lot of things happened to me and yes, I’ve missed a shitload of things this week. I am after all a mere mortal. Don’t worry, I will make it up to you guys. First things first, I need to do a spot check on my husbands. Sudeikis? Check. Krasinski? Check. Rudd? Check. Hamm? Check. Okay, all good. Let’s get on with le posts shall we? We start with some serious pretty. You’ve seen walking sex Marco Dapper sans shirt a lot in “Eating Out” but I can’t believe that I haven’t post this delectable stud with his body hair intact. These are definitely not new, but they’re worth to look at — especially after a few dull mornings at the office. Time for my delusional pills!

Also, second picture. Colin Farrell isdatchu?

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

Marco Dapper Shirtless

  • sassywench

    Just the pick me up I needed. So beautiful!

  • Bowen

    With longer hair, he looks quite like the porn actor Charles Dera. If only I could see him in action, even if he was banging a vajayjay.

  • B.J.

    *puts out the “caution: wet floor” sign from all his drool*

  • Sorry I’m spamming SquareHippies! I just wanna see how my gravatar looks!

  • undapantsman

    love the scruff! … minus the longer hair. shorter hair + scruff = i’m all over it. =D

  • DoverDavid

    Too pretty.

  • Nic

    Ugh, he’s even hotter. lol

  • Justin

    I agree with undapantsman. Word for word. Down with long hair and down with pants!

  • Tom

    Wow he just made me put a wet spot on my pants. He is HOT!!

  • GG HMFM!!!

    That’s ‘good god, have mother f**kin mercy!’

    Can someone send me the real thing for my b’day tomorrow, please? I’ll be 25. Yay me, lol.

  • Robert Frank

    Marco Dapper is one of the handsomest, hottest, manliest men in film. Why isn’t he making more movies? He’s str8 and must appeal to women, and we gay guys don’t care. He should be a major star.

  • sco pooh

    ~ Very Handsome ! ~!’D Google Him
    Thanks for share & hey there Happy 25 th birthday Mate..~ChEErs! ~ Boy How I wish i was 25 * again…. and… Again… and…. A.G.A.I.N. Enjoy :o)

  • Kevin Steele

    I am friends with the producer of the Eating Out series and he announced recently that they are doing the 3rd sequel! I had the upmost pleasure of working on the first movie which was filmed in my hometown and I’ll have y’all on notice that I was an extra in the film!!! This guy—-I missed him! They filmed the 2nd movie in LA. Damn!

  • bob

    What a beautiful man.

  • chente

    He can change my tire and make me breakfast dressed just like that anytime!!

  • vanhenry71

    Love the outside pics, Damn that is what I call sexy sweating!

  • Marco,you r very very handsom and hot i like very much. I love you.

  • Johnny

    love his hair.
    what’s the style called?

  • ohiogreg

    I like Marco’s scruffy look. Just needs to get rid of the cigarette.

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