Ace Young, Put The Razor Down!

Ace Young Shirtless in Grease The Musical

These shirtless backstage pictures of Ace Young from Broadway revival of “Grease” have been residing in my machine since the dawn of civilization (you do not ask why) and it’s time to let them go. Yes, they’re quiet ancient but who cares. I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to take off his shirt on stage, but these will do us just fine for the moment. Now, to my main point (don’t think I’ll let this one go that easy). Dear Ace young, put the effing razor down! I can almost hear your chest and torso scream in pain just by looking at them! In case you haven’t heard 2008 was the year of fuzz and it will remain the same this year. I’m so mad at this. Fine, let’s make an agreement; if you go au naturel, I promise I’ll buy your caca album. Listening to it isn’t part of the deal though.

p.s: My eyes may have failed me so feel free to discuss.

Ace Young in Grease

Ace Young Shirtless in Grease

Ace Young in Grease

Ace Young in Grease

Ace Young in Grease

  • Christian

    He does nothing for me. Even if he didn’t shave himself smooth, he’s still make me yawn.

  • Love those cheeks. Front and back.

  • Felix garmendia

    No hair, no interest, unless it’s 3:00am and the bar is about to close, then I’ll take him, but granted if on the way to his hows anything with hair shows up….I wouls walk away . :0

  • DoverDavid

    Again I think to myself, was he told to shave himself? Would this make his character on stage more memorable? Would less people see the play if he appeared hairy? I’m not understanding any of this and hopefuly 2009 will shed new light.

  • Tom

    Thought he was very sexy even without a hairy chest….but hey those pits looked good!

  • WarpedRecord

    Ironically, he looks a lot better with the shirt on than off. The pits are good, but the smooth chest is the pitts.

  • Ron

    I’d go out on a date with him to find out more. I’m not partial to smooth or men with a smaller patch of hair on the body/chest/legs.I’d take either or. So I will not judge this cutie right here, right now.My pre judging always seems to get me into trouble at times anyways!

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s got that “Neighbor’s Son Who Came Back from University a Stone Hottie” quality to him. Hair or no hair, I’d do him. And given the opportunity, I’d kidnap him and deprogram him from the Cult of Depilation.

  • Rad

    It is a shame that so many hot guys feel the need to shave their chests. But while I’d love to see Ace’s chest hair, I must admit that those pits are absolutely lickable!


    Great biceps and underarms, WOOF!

    Nice eyes and beautiful smile.

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