Channing Tatum Is Chunky No More

Channing Tatum Shirtless in Fighting

Do you miss it? The chunk that is. Judging from this still from Chaning Tatum’s upcoming movie “Fighting”, he’s back to his regular lean self now. I know some people will truly miss it (you know who you are) but chunk or no chunk, Chaning is one valuable Hollyweird commodity. As long as he take his shirt off in every movie he’s in, everybody will be happy. “Fighting” is a movie about the world of underground street fighting and I hope we can expect some Terence Howard skin scenes as well. It’s somewhere between “Never Back Down” and “Fight Club”. I love these type of films, because you can never fight properly without taking your shirt off. It’s true. Speaking of street fighting, did anyone else got addicted to the total time waster that is Street Fighter II? I don’t know how many hours of my adolescent life wasted on that game! I even mastered every Chun Li move in existence (shut up)! Good times.

“Fighting” will be released on April 29th.

Channing Tatum Shirtless in Fighting

Which one of you did that bite mark on his right nipple? Fess up!

Channing Tatum Shirtless in Fighting

Channing Tatum and Terence Howard in Fighting

  • DoverDavid

    This guy never did anything for me what so ever!

  • Bruno

    He´s really Hot , I haven´t even heard of his chunky phase …. I´m looking foirward to thhis movie now …. I love watching hot guys fighting . I have a major collection of hot fights in here .

    BTW , I was a Chun-Li kind a teen too . Good time …

    I used to love beating the trash out of Ken , cause I thought he was the hottest , and I love beating up hot guys …

  • Freddie

    DAMN! Always had a thing for Channing 🙂

  • WarpedRecord

    Look deeply into my eyes, and fight me like there’s no tomorrow …

  • i must admit i always perfered the slim but well toned Channing. so its nice to see the chunky Channing is no more. but i have a question for you- i was under
    the impression that the shirtless beach pictures with his fiance Jena Dewan
    were fairly recent say from late last summer. in these Channing was un-
    fortunately noticably chunkier than ever. yet in the still from FIGHTING he’s
    his usual trim but well toned self. so how as he able to lose all that extra weight
    before FIGHTING started shooting? unless of course FIGHTING was shot
    before the noticable weight gain quite obvious in the beach photos. .

  • WarpedRecord

    So which one’s real, and which one’s the figment of the other’s imagination?

  • talithaluna

    I can’t believe that he is hot as hell again! Yesterday I was looking at the chunky pictures on the forum and I couldn’t believe he was so… chunky. But he was handsome anyway.
    By the way
    I love this site even more each day!

  • Patrick

    I totally agree – “you can never fight properly without taking your shirt off.”

    @Bruno – “I used to love beating the trash out of Ken , cause I thought he was the hottest , and I love beating up hot guys …”

    Can I watch?

  • Hah! Ken is kinda hot, but he’s too orange and blond for my likings. I thought Mr. Bison was the hottest, after Ryu of course. I know, I have weird taste. LOL

  • Mike J.

    I personally like him with a little meat on his bones, but the man is gorgeous even without any hair on his chest. At least we have Ryan Seacrest of all people to fill the chunky hairless quota of the month.

  • I have an unnatural attraction to him. Even chunky. He had a terrible haircut and extra weight in Stop Loss, but when he took off his shirt and pants and started digging in his briefs, I thought I would faint.

    I even added a pic of him in his undies to this listing. I know I was naughty. Maybe he will spank me for it.

  • Phil

    Um that would be I…I’m very oral…

  • Phil

    He looks so purty in those underwares…

  • Ronald

    Chunky or not he can rock my world anyday he wants too!

  • Rocio

    I thought he was really really hot in Shes The Man… but now???… He’s losing it. Really… all I can say is KEEP THIS HAIR! DON’T SHAVE IT OFF COZ U LOOK STUPID AND BIG EARED WITH NO HAIR!… 🙂 If he gets back to his look in She’s The Man, he’ll return to my radar… till then…

  • The one who bit his right nipple? That would be me 😛

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