Dominic Cooper in Mamma Mia!

Dominic Cooper Shirtless

If the fast forward feature on DVD player went higher then 32x I might have missed Dominic Cooper altogether. I was checking out a copy of “Mamma Mia!” I had made for somebody at work when I stumbled across young Dominic in his beach scene with Amanda Seyfried. They’re both attractive and talented enough to momentarily trick your brain into thinking you’ve actually put in a good, appropriately cast, musical. It’s like the all too brief eye in a storm of steaming-hot mess. Then it’s back to old people acting silly. And not just any old people either; there are ‘serious actors’ in here, which makes this thing twice as unwatchable. Colin Firth trying to dance sexy in the rain? With Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgard? Shirtless? Really?! I did not need to see that.

And is it just me or were Dominic Cooper and Craig Horner separated at birth? I thought it was the same guy for a minute.

Dominic Cooper Shirtless

Dominic Cooper Shirtless

  • WarpedRecord

    Two words: I don’t. Sorry, he’s too young and too smooth for my tastes.

  • Ouch!

    Apart from the fact that I don’t like him, this stupid musical is so damn overrated.

  • That boy is so fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

  • Matt

    Heh, I enjoyed it and he is smooth but does have some chest hair. You can’t really see it in these caps though.

  • Bruno

    Did you noticed Colin´s chest on the last pic´s background?

    He was , is and always will be the sexiest british old bloke .

  • metcalfe

    I loved Cooper in “History Boys” but loved the shirtless scenes here

  • I thought the same thing, too. I thought that Craig Horner and Dominic Cooper were the same person.

    Dominic was also in “The Duchess.” He is shirtless in that one, too.

    Craig has an orgasmic body, but I like Dominic better.

  • Tom

    Mama Mia rocks……..loved this musical and have watched it several times on DVD now. Do not knock the older actors in the movie…they are as hot or hotter than this guy. I would take Pierce B. any time over this kid.
    Great Movie Musical and great cast. A classic for years tgo come.

  • rickg

    must agree that he and Craig Horner could pass as twins. Both superbly fit and fine and ready for some loving. Just think of having both of them in bed with me—-one in each arm… oh, the warm tingly feeling of heaven…..

  • Sugagirl28

    OMG Square,

    Can you PLEASE cap some more Mamma Mia? I mean, the parts with the ensemble of general hot guys (Lay All Your Love on Me), those guys are in like speedos and stuff! So hot!

  • Patrick

    Nah Nada Zilch

  • len

    all i can say about him is MAMMA MIA

  • kira

    I thought he was Richard in the lengend of the seeker? i totally agree,
    seperated at birth!!
    i was convinced. =/
    xx =] Legend of mamma mia!

  • michelle

    i think that demonic and graig does look like each other alot . I like both of them

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