Eddie Cibrian in Invasion

Eddie Cibrian Shirtless

I won’t go so far as to say that more time with Eddie shirtless would’ve saved this series from failure (after all, the three major networks all offered up bizarre ‘aliens invade via the ocean’ sci fi series in 2005), but it certainly couldn’t have hurt. He was shirtless like two or three times in 22 episodes. Now that’s just a waste of talent. For those of you who didn’t see the show (and I’m assuming thats most of you) it was set in Florida after a devastating hurricane. The show should have been like “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” crossed with “Baywatch” crossed with “Crusoe”. Eddie should have been half naked and wet in every episode. And check out the pics of Eddie in his underwear! I’m a devout chest-man, but Eddies butt has made me a believer.

Eddie Cibrian Shirtless in Invasion

Eddie Cibrian Shirtless in Invasion

Eddie Cibrian Shirtless in Invasion

  • DoverDavid

    Damn Square, your on a roll today with all these posts. I have yet to find any shirtless pic’s of my hunk Danny Pino from Cold Case, I bet he is fur covered! Grrrrr

  • KarmaLysing

    Eddie was one of the few things which kept me watching “Third Watch” after it jumped the shark in its second season. Rawr. (I’m just sayin’…).

  • gypsycurse

    Gosh, that body, those underwear shots, AND THAT SMILE (he just looks like a real sweet, good natured dude) just melts me. Always a sucker for a nice guy ! I don’t think he’s lost one bit of his appeal as he’s matured. And I’ve never even seen him moving or talking, just photo’s. Sure gives me something to look forward to ! ! !

  • Eddie Cibrian is a classic hunk for the ages. Besides the obviously great body (which I could rhapsodize about for days), he has those fantastic, warm bedroom eyes that could melt a glacier, the dimples, the perfect bone structure, high cheekbones, great hair. . . . Wonder what his parents looked like? He couldn’t have turned out any closer to perfect had they ordered him from a catalogue. (Sighing). . . .

  • KarmaLysing

    Ray, if this is, in fact, the case, then I’d like a copy of that catalogue. NOW.

  • The late-night, out-call massage sequence with Holly Hunter in “Living Out Loud” is must watching for any fans of Mr. Cibrian.

  • I had to do a video awhile back with those very scenes. Definitely not enough skin from him on that series but enjoyed what we did get.

  • yukoner

    I was wondering when you would discover these pics. When I saw it on TV it gave me another reason to watch the show besides the awesome story. I was truly sad to see it get cancelled and more shots of Eddie not available. I was the same as you with the butt scene… god he has a nice ass!!

  • yukoner

    AND … I agree about Danny from Cold Case… please please please

  • Max103

    oh my GAWD,he is so sexy. Eddie Cibrian is a hottie and the only reason i watched and bought Invasion on dvd. great pictures!

  • Zizzy

    Always love Mr. Cibrian. Check him out in ‘But I’m a Cheerleader‘ where he plays the closeted son of the woman who runs the de-homosexualizing treatment center.

  • dieguito

    He has a happy bulge in those pics :D!!!

    What a perfection!!!

  • Rickg

    Eddie has always had my eyes on him since he was a teen. Like good wine, he gets better as he matures…
    Must also agree about the spotlight on Danny Pino pleas. I’ve been looking to see beyond his shirt and tie for a long time….

  • He sure looks stimulated in the 15th photo. And HOT in any photo.

    For your kinky side, I know how you can slip into the harness that held Eddie’s fabulous butt, play with Eddie’s dirty socks or slip into his full-body rubber suit. 😉


  • He is so hot and continues to look better with age!

    Dave, WGB

  • WarpedRecord

    Good Lord, Square, three hot posts in one day! How is it you’re more prolific when you’re on the road?

  • Isn’t he the male equivalent of Jessica Alba? Everyone wants to seem them naked but not necessarily carry a dramatic scene with clothes on.

  • Phil

    That’s as close as I’ve ever seen Eddie showin’ wood…YUM…

  • x

    heyyy! did you guys check out his rod??! nice……

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