How Could I’ve Missed This?

Jon McLaughlin Shirtless

I didn’t know that I can have the most beautiful singer that has ever lived in the whole universe that is Jon McLaughlin in another flavor; CHUNK. He posted these pictures featuring a super closeup of his lightly hairy chest and hot, chunky belly at his MySpace blog. I think it’s funny that people responded by LOL-ing at them. What a bunch of liars! Okay, maybe not. But I’m 100% sure they have one hand in their pants while they type those comments. I don’t know why you shouldn’t. MSJMcL85, I owe you my first born. Now excuse me while I go have some me time.

p.s: Sorry for the absence of the tease picture. I’ll work on it soon.

Jon McLaughlin Shirtless

Jon McLaughlin Shirtless

Jon McLaughlin Shirtless

Chunky gut lovers, hold your breath…

Jon McLaughlin Shirtless

  • WarpedRecord

    This guy has great form. Why the mansierre?

  • Patrick

    Very nice! I wanna take him.

  • Officer Jim Pantsoffski

    Heads up for a great musician – hints of fur here and there – OMG that scruff! – cute and completely adorkable

    (no shirtless pix – I’ve been holding the internet upsidedown and shaking for days now)

    I’m not affiliated with him – but I would like to get into his pants.

  • One of my feature posts was recently created with you in mind Square, you should really check it out on JBM ^_^

  • loudrockmusic

    really? that’s all? i was expecting some real gut goodness. super cute though

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