How Does This Make You Feel?

Jon Hamm

I’m sorry for crushing all your liquid dreams about Jon Hamm. Apparently, he does have a few bad pictures. Okay fine. I purposely post this extremely emasculating visual of my fourth husband so you would stop lusting over him. I could put up a huge banner that says “stay away from mah husband” but I figured this picture does the job better. And Tina Fey, I see what you’re doing there. Stop drooling and look away, now. Bottom half of the picture after the jump. Do not click if you want to keep your boner.

via ONTD

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

  • Mike

    makes me feel very turned off

  • Patrick


  • WarpedRecord

    Makes me feel like it’s 1988 and I’m watching Michael Dukakis mount a tank.

  • Harry

    I never found Jon Hamm hot… I don’t know, maybe it’s his usual 1960s character that turns me off.

  • len


  • It’s weird that he could look so attractive in early 1960s business clothes on “Mad Men” and so ordinary in contemporary casual. Maybe your fourth husband should stick to period pieces.

  • Felix Garmendia

    Well, I preffer him to all of those youngsters with no bodies that some people here drool around, give me men with character and send the kiddos to the Barney’s 50% off faggy clothing sale. KUDOS!!!!!!

  • Ronald


  • QCNiceGuy

    I have seen what lies beneath the bad outfit and that is what I like! Give me that all man any day!

  • How does it make me feel? Like I finally have a chance!! LOL! Not a shining moment in his career.

  • james

    I also think he looks sooo much hotter in Mad Men than in real life…and it’s the opposite for some of his cast-mates.
    Anyway, I want to see him naked to prove me wrong!

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