How Does This Make You Feel?

Mike Rowe Shirtless

This is our man of the hour, Mike Rowe talking about a male fan, “fatboyrider” who has a mancrush on him. Things like this make you go hmmm… Watch the clip after the jump!

  • That’s not exactly the nicest reaction I’ve ever heard… I think it’s great he’s expressed that he’s straight, comfortable with his sexuality yet can still think a guy is hot. If more guys were like that, the world would be a better place and especially for a military man to say that, it takes a lot of guts seeing as Mike’s just posted this video… I don’t like this guy.

  • WarpedRecord

    So I guess Mike didn’t hook up with Fatboyrider?

  • Ew. Hahah, but he’s still sexy. Ugh!

  • radical1

    surely he knows that he has a huge gay male, and obviously hetro male fan base. right? And he did say that he was going to go and log off!

  • Phil

    He still looks good but he’s lost a bit of his luster in my mind…

  • Bruno

    He´s such a jerk. Nice voice , and all , but really , what a jerk … What kind of man talks about his “quality time” like this? He masturbates using fan posts..What loser!!! Loser all over ….

    Not my cup of tea . Going right back to my Harrison Ford now …and Scott Bakula ..

  • REX

    I do think some of you may be missing the point here. Mike is *courting* the guy who is mancrushing by (a) responding to him directly and (b) turning off the light and “logging off.” This thing is all about the innuendo, people.

  • Ronald

    FATBOYLOVER can have him! NEXT ?????????????????????

  • Me

    What an asshole.

  • DoverDavid

    Bad reaction, he could have made some humor out of it, like taking his shirt off as he read the email, but I was not impressed with his reply.

  • rubbersoul_man

    Obviously you guys haven’t watched the show much. Mike is definitely not an ass hole or a jerk. He was trying to be funny, and honestly I don’t think that he was trying to be mean. He was definitely trying to be humorous.

    He is still cool in my book.

  • Joe

    By some of the replies on this thread, I guess everything is ok if you find the perp hot?

  • loudrockmusic

    He’s not mean!

  • spica

    Huh? I don’t like him anymore…

    You officially ruined it for me, Mike Rowe…..

  • chris

    He’s joking!!!

  • Eric

    Wow. Asshole. Won’t bother with that show again.

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  • Slash

    I think those giving him grief on this are misunderstanding him. If he were truly a hater I don’t think he would have even done a closing segment on this. He’s clearly having a little fun with the fact that he has a lot of gay fans. I’ve watched the show since the beginning and back when it first started and he was doing double duty hosting Evening Magazine on KPIX-TV I wrote him an email directly saying I liked the show and thought he was a hottie. He responded within the hour saying he was flattered and thanked me for the compliment. He was very nice about it. The guy is in entertainment and lives in San Fran for god sake. Come on, lets not be so quick to pounce.

  • clark

    he has always been a fine gentlemen

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  • brad

    I don’t think is mean and I have a man crush on him to. I think is hot and I’m sure that wasn’t first e-mail from guy ad he did say that he was straight so that should have set the tone. Come on guys we all have had crushing on other guy and it doesn’t make we gay. Are there one straight guy out there that saw a another guy and said he is just beautiful women can say this but not men. Men think outside of the box take the blinders of and see the world.

    There’s a lot of straight guys that I have a crush on but I’m gay but I’m still a man and there are just other me out there we are drawn to it doesn’t have to mean sex. The we are attracted to is the one we become close to in a non sexual way. And those makes the best friend you can have. I find other women pretty but I’m gay so what does that tell us?
    yeah Mike is hot

    Brad in San Francisco

  • PJ

    ASSHOLE!!!! That made my dick soft! Mike Rowe has lost a fan…

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