How Does This Make You Feel?

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom used to do things to me. You know, like, things. Wonderful things. He was one of my first shirtless guys I’ve featured when I had this site up about two and a half years ago. That said, as I grew older I didn’t find him that attractive. Is it the absence of chest hair? The hair? Here he is doing some forced character like he did in “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Troy”. You know the only characters he’s good to play are Legolas, Will Turner and Jimmy Connelly from “The Calcium Kid”! What do you think?

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

  • WarpedRecord

    It makes me feel like a heterosexual.

    This guy can’t act, has no personality, and now has the ugliest tattoos I have ever seen. Next!

  • Those are tattos? It looks like he passed out at a party and that’s what they did with a marker.

    Still, I’d do him…

  • DominoEffect

    I disagree. This reminds me as to why I found him so attractive when I was younger. Sure, he can’t really act. But he’s still fine eye-candy.

  • Ok soooo… are those real?? If you cover his face, his body looks pretty hot.

  • Patrick

    Both thumbs down.

  • OH Square! I don’t know why I asked you if you had men of color on here. The only reason why I found your site was because of Will Smith! Googled, Will Smith shirtless and it brought me to here. I’m so thankful it lead me to here. So many men, so little much time.

  • len

    never seen any of his movies. still cute,but he should seriously ditch the tattoos. YEECH!

  • Officer Jim Pantsoffski

    How does it make me feel? Nauseous!

  • DoverDavid

    Another one of those in which I don’t see the appeal, but to each their own.

  • zizzybaloobah

    I don’t see the appeal of England’s prettiest girl, but hey, to each his own.

  • Randall

    You guys leave my boi Legolas alone. Sauron put an evil spell on him. It will eventually fade, and he’ll again be tall, blond, hung, sans ghastly tattoos, and he will have a treasure trail that is 75% thicker and more lickable.

    Face reality people. This shit is real.

    (Thanks, Mr. Hippie. He is still pretty enough for me to keep)

  • eagander

    I’m guessin (hoping) the tree tat is fake for a film (notice the incomplete branches? I doubt any professional tattooist would leave such a shotty job, and certainly Orlando can afford the best). I normally go for fur, but I’ll take his lanky bod, nice pec and nipples any time!

  • rickg

    The hair doesnt do it for me. But I still think he’s adorable. Sort of doubt those are real tats. Sort of hoping those arent real tats. Thought I have a lot, I like him clean, bright, and white…. His ability in acting might always be relegated to “action” heros. SO, I will always have someone to shout for when I need “help!!!!” Orlando’s still in my “sugar plum fairy book.”

  • deej

    I liked Orlando much better when he was a younger, thinner starving actor. Mind you, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the hunky guys, but after he “hunked up” (not that much…I know) he lost his appeal to me. I guess I just got used to him the other way. That said, I will always lust for his perfect nipples!

  • Me

    He looks great! But a little tense, I may need to give him a nice massage!

    As for the tattoos and hair…

  • Matt

    yes take heart people these are pictures from a movie set and the hair is a wig and the tattoos are fake.

  • Curtis

    Orlando has always been one of my favorites shirtless males, and always will. He has a great bod and very nice nipples. I would love to bite and suck on them. I am sure the tats are FAKE for the movie he is doing. He is very cute and sexy and I love his happy trail looks very inviting. YUM YUM

    Keep up the good work and post more of him when you can.

  • I think he looks awesome.

  • Ronald

    His tattoo’s aren’t a copy like all other guys have to put on their bodies.(tribal , etc, etc) I love his hair. I’d have to re view him in the films he’s been in because i don’t recall seeing him but have watched some of the films mentioned above. Also since NO one else wants him I’d gladly take him out and roll around on top of him naked and do some other hot things with him.
    W-O-O-F / W-O-O-F

  • A Little Edgy

    Well, he certainly generates a lot of comments!

    I understand why some people might find Bloom attractive, but he does nothing for me. That is a nice body he’s displaying there, but he lacks … masculinity or something. Not that he’s effeminate – he’s just not very manly, and that carefully coiffed cascade of ringlets is not helping.

  • metcalfe

    Pretty sure the tats are fake (other than the small sunburst near his naval – that’s real).

    I think Bloom is one of the hottest guys out there – genuinely hot and sexy. He’s not the greatest actor, but he’s perfect in action roles. MMMMMMM the more Bloom the better.

  • romeo84

    You guys are stupid. Why would a famous actor like that put stupid ass tattoo’s like that on himself? He might be an idiot but he’s not that dumb. How many roles could he get with tattoo’s like that?

  • Rad

    wow, this guy gets less and less attractive by the day. for a while there, his looks cancelled out his terrible acting skills, but not anymore! and thosese tats, real or fake, just completely negate any appeal he could possibly muster. pass on this one!

  • I used to adoore Orlando Bloom. But those were my teeny bopper days like six or seven years ago. All I like him in now is Elizabethtown, which is a movie that I’m probably the only person on the planet to actually enjoy. He really doesn’t do a lot for me anymore.

  • john lee

    tattoos ruin it, they totally turn me off

  • abs lover

    i would like to sleep on his abs

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