Jean-Claude Van Damme in Granny Jeans

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shirtless

We all wore granny / mom jeans at some point of our life, so don’t laugh too hard at these pictures of the original Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme looking like a million dollars in pair of trendy piece of clothing. They’re old as hell made me wonder why on earth did I skip language class to watch “Double Impact”. Anyways, I’m not going to make further fun of them because what I want you to focus is that small forestation on his chest. I’ve always thought JCVD was naturally smooth but these lol pictures say otherwise. Enjoy but don’t overdo it. Your boss might not like it and the next thing you know you’ll get that damn pandora box on your table tomorrow!

Thanks to cinmiester at Dreamcaps!

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shirtless

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shirtless

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shirtless

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shirtless

Jean-Claude Van Damme Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Never did anything for me, give me a geek over this any day.

  • Zizzy


  • Randall

    I was also thinking Ewwww, but Zizzy beat me to it.

  • szoszo

    shoite he’s ugly… and i still maintain that yummikins jason statham is bruce willis not jcvd

  • Matt

    at least he left some chest hair, let that be a lesson to others. Oh and wtf is that on his forehead?

  • WarpedRecord

    Let’s get back to the geeks, please — preferably the hairy ones.

  • peter hayes


  • Patrick

    Hike them jeans up! You lookin’ sharp JCVD!

  • Phil

    Actually if Hollywood rumor is correct his ego isn’t the only thing big about him…Though Dolph Lundgrain is supposed to be bigger…

  • Bruno

    He was so cute …..I used to get married to him every tuesday , before going to bed in the nineties.

  • len

    ooooooh! still hot after all these years

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  • van damme is the best

  • Francois

    Maybe not the best looking actor out there. But those powerful muscles are impressive!

    He’s made some bad choices, in terms of roles in movies… But maybe he could make a comeback; like some Karate Kid kind of thing… I personally would rather watch that than the reimagined version with Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s son…

  • mckey

    You always see female celebs being bashed a lot in the past from wearing mom jeans.But of all of the actors I would never thought in a million years that I would see one of the most famous action heroes in the world to wear mom jeans.He should just take that off and just pose in his underwear.

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