Jeremy Sisto In Six Feet Under

Jeremy Sisto Shirtless

I was really sick recently (food poisoning) and when I’m under the weather I like watching shows about disease and death, because it always makes me feel better to see somebody in worse shape then I am. So I started alternating marathons of “Dr, Quinn: Medicine Woman” and “Six Feet Under”, one of my all-time favorite TV shows. While “Dr Quinn” didn’t offer much in the way of skin, “Six Feet Under” certainly does. Luckily I had the forethought this time to start capping from the beginning and wound up with hundreds of pics of six or seven hot guys in the series. First up is Jeremy Sisto. I put him first because, frankly, he’s not my favorite. In all fairness I think they kept him scruffy most of the time to make him look a little crazy, but that’s not the way I like to see guys. There are a few moments in the show when he’s cleaned up and looks really good, but generally he doesn’t do it for me. I’m sure others will disagree though, so I’m posting him.

Jeremy Sisto Shirtless

  • Gosh, food poisoning is the WORST! I’ve experienced it twice so far (the really bad ones where you can’t get out of the bed and consistently in pain and you had to go to the hospital). I am amazed (and thankful) that you’re able to churn out these caps!

    Now this hotness. I really think he should maintain the long-ish hair and scruff. They go well with that lightly furry bod. In some caps Jeremy looks like he could pass as Mark Feuerstein’s younger, darker brother, and that is a good thing.

    Hope you feel much better now, mate!

  • RD

    Oh… my god… thank you.

    I’ve rewatched SFU several times just to drool over Billy.
    Jeremy Sisto has to be one of my longest-standing fancrushes – fancied him like hell since I saw him in Clueless as a wee pre-pubescent.

    I’m fairly sure I only went out with my ex because he was almost a dead-ringer for him. The hair… goddd…

  • WarpedRecord

    Square: I’m sorry to hear you’ve had food poisoning, and I hope you are feeling better.

    Jeremy: Can I sniff your armpits?

    Jeremy definitely looks like Mark Feuerstein’s younger, scruffier brother. As to which one is better looking, I’d take ’em both! And is that a third nipple I see on Jeremy? He’s truly is a man with something extra.

  • He is dark, psychotic and oddly alluring in this series. Okay, maybe a little dirty, but it helped with the character.

    I’ve got some of his gear from a movie that I’ve been too lazy to photograph and upload. Maybe this is the motivation I needed.

    You feel better. The sun doesn’t shine as bright when you’re under the weather!

  • Bruno

    The underwear shots were ok … I prefer him in the chunky mode . In that movie “Waitress” , he´s awesome .

  • RickG

    For all the guys who complain about hairless guys, this one is just right. You can see his entire chest and dont have to go looking in the forest for something to nibble on…

  • Dewey Mee

    I’ve thought Jeremy Sisto was sexy ever since I saw him portray Jesus Christ in a CBS TV mini-series! What, an alluring, sexy Jesus? Am I going to Hell for saying that? In any event, thanks for posting. Jeremy definitely looks better with a beard than a clean shave. He’s still sexy, and, currently, still upholding the law as Det. Cyrus Lupo on “Law And Order.”

  • C.J.

    Thanks for these. Hope your feeling better now.
    He’s one of the few guys I prefer all scruffy. Clean shaven for him just doesn’t do it for me the way he looks when he’s scruffy. Probably why Kidnapped was such a delicious albeit short treat. He needs that look in Law and Order,

  • sassywench

    Cute without being overly Hollywood.

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s put on some muscle since “Six Feet Under”. His “Come here and read me the phone book, naked, RIGHT NOW, little boy” voice hasn’t changed… DAYum, he’s sexy… Oh, and he’s on “Law and Order” these days, if anyone didn’t know.

  • Milton

    YEEUUCH!! I’ve had food poisoning, too. You’re a trooper.
    I’ve always thought that Jeremy Sisto was hot., & I too have follwed his career since “Clueless”. He’s one a select few who can pull off either a light beard, or being cleanshaven. I’d love to be the one cuddlling with him in the bed.

  • Thanks for the pics of Jeremy Sisto. He didn’t do much for me in six feet, but in Law & Order I have a hot/cold reaction to his swarthy masculinity adn NYC demeanor. Last night I dreamt he and I were a really hot item, me running my fingers through his luxurious thick, black chest hair. Over and over again. So I had to look on your site to see if you had any pics of him shirtless, and lo— Thanks! Not the thick chest hair I dreamt of, but maybe we’ll see him elsewhere shirtless, and let’s hope he’s filled out a bit. I still love him, but in my dream I chose my boyfriend 😉

  • Always thought Jeremy was a hottie. And yes, the scruffy look is THE way to go for him. SOOO sexy. Yeah, he’s lovely on L&O, but his “boss” doesn’t like the scruffy look. Hope they don’t make him shave. But if they DO, I volunteer to do it.

  • Boris

    Jesus! This guy is hot!

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