More Skin Time for Doug Savant!

Doug Savant Shirtless

Okay, I can’t believe it took me this awfully long time to post the hottest thing in “Desperate Housewives”, daddy du jour Doug Savant! He is naturally smooth as butter, and there’s nothing with that. I’m going to shut my yap and let you guys concentrate on his beautiful package. By package I mean those beautiful eyes and gorgeous haircut. You so nasty. These shirtlessness of Tom Scavo are from the first season of “Desperate Housewives”, and I am just angry that he didn’t have much opportunity to take his shirt off since! To everyone who posted about Doug at the forums, this post is dedicated for you!

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless

  • Looking at these photos, I think in his younger days Doug Savant would’ve made an awesome Captain America

  • Justin

    Oh, my god, I totally agree with the Captain America thing. He was shirtless in season five I think. His body has gotten better too.

  • lusty

    luv this guy! ever since the melrose place tv show, he ‘s my crush, luv to lick those armpits, looks delicious!

  • WarpedRecord

    I’d be an idiot for this Savant. I’ve never been into blondies, especially smoother ones, but I totally did Doug. And I’ll take the left armpit if you take the right!

  • hempster

    dudes….the guy been groomin’ his body hair WAY 2 much!

  • tarc

    His body is very hot ! His navel is perfect and very delicious!

  • Harry

    Nice, but maybe a bit too old. Though not nearly as tragic as that Gordon Ramsay post lol.

  • Reese

    He’s beautiful. No doubt. Great pert nips. Thanks for posting. I hope he brings me a wedding band soon.

  • Patrick

    A major hotness factor for “Tom” is his sweet smiling eyes and charming ‘touch of innocence’ personality and a very nice body to top it off. Someone please tell me they make him wax. Fuzziness would seal the deal and I would be all his everything.

  • WMassGuy

    No fur but…I might make an exception for this guy.

  • Robert

    I have had a thing for Doug since Melrose Place. I generally like my guys with more fur but I would make exceptions for him…he’s yummy!

  • undapantsman

    usually, i’m not one to go for a guy in panties of any sort, but i must say he pulls it off (puts it on?) very nicely. =D

  • Doug in a leopard bikini. Sigh. I miss his character.

  • Am I the only one here old enough to remember Mr. Savant in “Masquerade” with Rob Lowe and Kim Cattrall? Seems to me they all bared some attractive skin in that antique (1988) thriller!

  • Reese

    Joesview, you are correct. That was a pretty decent thriller and Doug walked around in his briefs. It was quite nice.

  • len

    he could stand to lose 40 lbs. but he is still hot looking!

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  • I really like him.He is hotter than any desprate housewives star.C’mon here Doug in my bed

  • Marty

    fuck me, i’d suck his cock all night long 😉

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  • zah

    not realy my type {not dark, broody and hairy enough} BUT – WhAT A PHYSIQUE!!!!! Love to feels how hard his body is. Drool…As for “osing forty pounds” – from where exactly? That bod is all man beefcake supreme.

  • JJD

    Love those nipples and would love to see what’s under that underwear of his :p

  • Josh

    For a 40+ year old dude, I think the man is way hot and not a thing I would change.

    I’d love to see him and James Denton try “Desperately” to make a baby. Now THAT would be HOT! James Denton being the top, of course. 😉

  • Josh

    Agree with @Zah — A loss of forty pounds would make him look sick, anorexic.

    Sure, he’s an older guy and he could stand to lose maybe 10 pounds and tone up around the gut, but really, I think he’s sexy just the way he is! I wouldn’t change a thing if he were my man. Not a thing.

  • Chris

    I have not seen this scene but really would like to. I love when a guy is willing to wear something like this on screen. He looks very sexy hot. I was curious though is he a tad bow legged because in those two shots his stance looks bow legged.. In that 2nd shot looks like he might have an odd walk. Anyone that has seen that clip could they let me know on both.

  • AsianBottomSlut

    Hot married DILF! Your wife is one lucky slut. You are handsome; bet you fuck like an animal in bed. I would love to lay on that bed with my legs spread wide and feel you tear my boipussy up all night long.

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