No Idea Who This Is, But…

Felipe Simao Shirtless

Dayum. Brazil, as we all know — the cradle of the finest male specimen on planet Earth has once again blessed us with this hotter than hot furry mancake. Okay, his name is Felipe Simão and he’s dating some famous Brazilan actress (I don’t know her either), hence the paps pictures. Before you go and google his ass off (I know you wanna), just take a moment and look at those dayum fierce nipples! They look like they’re mad at something and needed constant TLC. Any volunteers?

I love the fact that the first picture looks like a hunky version of Guy Berryman and since Guy will never get shirtless for us, I’m going to assume that he looks roughly like this sans shirt. More pictures of shirtless Felipe including some motorboating action here, via Made In Brazil.

Felipe Simao Shirtless

Felipe Simao Shirtless

Felipe Simao Shirtless

Felipe Simao Shirtless

  • the brazilian guys are the best!!!!!

    (her name is Luana Piovani, and she is a bitch, I hate her)

  • DoverDavid

    HEY! Who took these picture’s of me on vacation!!!

  • Tom

    HOT!! doesn’t even describe this guy…he is way beyond hot!! Those nipples look made to play with. WOW!!

  • nirdelanoche

    i wanna kill her. and make with him something. like- nipple-blow-job.


  • Bruno

    The nipples are def the best part of his body …..Luana should die ….

    Have you seen any Carlos Casa Grande pictures? He ´s one of our finnest!

  • Felix Garmendia

    Nothing like a hairy man of color, i agree, let’s send her to afghanistan to sell American flags in the middle of the enemies battleground.

  • WarpedRecord

    If I had nipples like that, I’d stare at them too! But I don’t, so I’ll stare at his.

  • loligasm

    I realized that this site only has white or caucasian looking men shirtless. There are other attractive ethnicities on this planet you know. It’s such a shame because you might be giving the idea that there is only one kind of beauty, and there isnt.

  • Ouch!

    loligasm, that’s the most retarded thing I’ve read today.

  • Hey loligasm, I hate to break it to you, but you can’t make people like something that just doesn’t appeal to them. Go on those other sites then, if you’re so into that. But don’t insist that everyone else agree with you if they’re not into it, and don’t villify them for not liking the same things you do.

    I agree, this guy is off the charts!

  • QCNiceGuy

    A real object of desirability! I want to help those nipples fnd true satisfaction!

  • sasywench

    Wow, I’d love to get my clamps on those!

  • studvixen101

    how i wish i could go to BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!

  • dieguito

    OMG!!! ARE THOSE NIPPLES FOR REAL?!!!! Where can i get one like those?!!!!!!

  • Patrick

    I have the urge to suckle.

  • Bob

  • j

    It looks to me like it could be the model Josh Wald!!! HOT!!!!

  • Yeah. We sure know how to do men.
    Got it?
    Man, it’s so hot to live down here. Imagine looking at thousands of those when you go out. It’s breath-taking – I swear sometimes I have to stop and think about cute puppies, world war, girls, I don’t know, anything, or else I might just get crazy.
    I love it.


  • Damn it Joe, is that Murilo!?


    OH YEAH!!!!!!

    bring those nipples this way………………..i can even help him out of those tiny little shorts!

  • square: you disappointed me guy: why all the fish???there had to be some other pics of felipe w/o the broad and if not you could have improvised—i know you can do it—and remember guys have tits—females have nipples—

  • ****

    Yes, it’s sad but true. Brasil has the most jaw-dropping and obscenely perfect men IN. THE. WORLD. And if you’re impressed by middle-class male models with their perfect faces and bodies then do me a favor and peruse gay porn from Brasil. Not only do these “actors” have the faces and the bodies of the mainstream models, they also showcase another depressing fact about the Brazilian male; they all have huge beer-can dicks!

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