One Brownie Point for Paul Walker

Paul Walker Shirtless

Now that the inauguration is over and Obama is officially the President (I’d love to put a shirtless picture of him here but I don’t mix business with pleasure), take out your drool bucket or tissue box and let’s get back to our regular programming. I never thought I’d live the day to see that tiny vegetation on Paul Walker ‘s chest survive but I’m ever so thankful that he let them grow in peace. Here he is with um, some chick on a beach somewhere looking meaty, wet and scruffy, just the way I like it. I can almost taste the salt on his body. See, it’s not all about looking like a gorilla to get my crotch’s attention. I’m not that hard to please. Paul will be seen with fellow fuzz farmer Vin Diesel in the fourth installment of “Fast and Furious” this April. Just pray to the shirtless gods that there will be a skin scene or two.

Credit: Splash News

Paul Walker Shirtless

Paul Walker Shirtless

Paul Walker Shirtless

Paul Walker Shirtless

Paul Walker Shirtless

Paul Walker Shirtless

Paul Walker Shirtless

  • RodMDZ

    Well, that’s what makes the difference between this site and others. I saw those pictures elsewhere and the comment of the webmasters were pointing at the bulge, not the chest…
    He’s pretty but i prefer my Vin Diesel anyday

  • You sir, are too kind. I hate to say this but bulge on Paul Walker (in these pics at least) is pretty much non-existent. I wonder if it’s the water.

  • KarmaLysing

    Square – since you couldn’t bounce a quarter off his abs and kill someone, according to some, he’s “fat”.

    Oh, and “fuzz farmer”… ROFLMAOH…

    Now I’m going back to being distracted by the thought of both Paul Walker AND Vin Diesel shirtless, sweaty, and possibly even slightly scuffed… OooooOooooooo… SHIny….

  • Hey square, I still don’t understand why Mr. Walker has not been able to translate his movie star looks into real stardom. He’s like a young Paul Newman, but without the good roles!

  • Karma, if Paul Walker is “fat”, it must be the sign of the apocalypse.

    Joe, me either. I can’t say that it’s more related to his acting skills. I think they’re good-ish in a way. Mr. Walker needs a defining role in some artsy film and not just a blockbuster filler, otherwise he will still be at the same level until he’s 40. Perhaps then only he’ll get a nomination or two?

  • szoszo

    hmm me likes

  • Bruno

    He´s quite average…

  • I wouldn’t throw Paul out of bed unless he wanted to have sex on the floor.

  • AVERAGE? (Looks around for the lightning strike) He is beautiful. Joe, he is talented and hot, but a little mushmouthed. He mutters a bit and people don’t take him seriously because of it.

    But I’m with you guys. Whatever he’s selliing, I’ll take 2. He is an all-time fave who can be in “My 5” anytime. The blue eyes alone do it. And the sight of the partially open fly has started palpitations.

  • sassywench

    He’s beautiful. Nice face, nice body, nice chest.

  • Ronald

    He gives me a WOODIE ! (boing)

  • WarpedRecord

    Good Lord, this man is beautiful! And you know what? He’s going to be even better in 10 or 20 years! Hopefully by then he’ll get roles more deserving of his talent and charm.

  • he’s gain more pounds since into the blue hype, don’t you think?
    i’m sure he’ll be so back in the gym for another movie role.

  • Oh, boy… AND he’s bearded!
    He’s no fat, people. Well, i like what i see.


  • len

    i haven’t seen him this cute since pleasantville. and i love his non overbuild.he’s perfect.

  • Complex

    By no means is he fat… but he has let himself go according to his usual fit body. Just look at the previous Paul Walker posts. His abs were flatter and he didn’t have that tiny pouch. But in NO WAY am I discrediting his complete and total BEAUTY!! He is some form of PERFECT!!
    Oh.. and I believe that girl is his 19yr old fiance.

  • Lucas

    Oh my, Paul Walker is one sexy beast. Did anyone see him bulging in that new movie Fast and the Furious?? It was one damn sexy sight. As for here, the bulge is smallish, but its there, and I like it.

  • florida33771

    What has Paul Walker done lately?
    Star looks But where is his ‘break-out; film?

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