Paul Preiss In Dog Tags

 Paul Preiss Shirtless

I capped this movie, “Dog Tags”, by request of someone either in the forums or in the comments somewhere. It’s the same old song and dance: a hot guy in a terrible gay-themed movie. Paul Preiss has a nice body and face, but going by his acting ability I’m guessing there’s a lot of ‘Guy #3’ credits in his future. I’m hoping for his sake that the arm-band tattoo was an attempt by the filmmakers to add a level of white trash authenticity to the role and isn’t the real thing. Also, he looks at least ten times better in the first few minutes of the movie before he cuts his hair. Note to actors: If Steven Spielberg wants you to cut your hair for a movie, do it. If you’re asked to radically alter your appearance for a movie with a $5000 budget ($4000 of which might still be in somebody’s pocket) politely decline.

 Paul Preiss Shirtless

 Paul Preiss Shirtless

  • Ronald

    I’d like to spend a weekend undercovers with this HOTTIE !!(Yummy)

  • Tom

    Finally you get photos of Paul Preiss, I requested before. You were too hard on his acting , I thought he was really good and natural. Loved the movie and have watched my copy 6 or 8 times. He is one of the Hottest actors out there today. Nothing wrong with that tattoo or his hair, both are really hot. Loved his head shaven. I will take up for him. Check out his short videos on the web!! Thanks again and print more of his photos in future please.

  • Felix Garmendia

    Nice body, and he looks kinki, good one. 🙂

  • jimmy wood

    I’m liking the shaved head.Much sexier and sets off the rest of that sweet body.YUM.

  • Phil

    Call me whatever but I’m kinda turned on by the “skinhead” look-AND ONLY THE LOOK…

  • Patrick

    This is a good movie – one of Damien Dietz’s best yet. Atleast the DVD cover delivered what’s promised. Most gay films being released currently just slap eye candy on the cover to increase sales.

  • WarpedRecord

    Love the shaved head. Love the fuzzy body even more!

  • isoron

    Well – it wasn’t the best movie – but then, Ihave lower sights than most. I quite frankly found it quite endearing – but I am an old queen and actually a Viet Vet – who’d imagined that I found the movie quite watchable and better than the stereotypical “gay” angst moves.

  • Curt

    he looks at least 100 times better AFTER he cuts his hair. he goes from a total, complete DUD to handsome STUD!

  • RandyTx

    I totally enjoyed this movie. Both actors did an outstanding job for their respective role. I am buying the DVD for sure. And I agree with everyone else about his haircut…he looks great. Reminds me Prison Break Actor Wentworth Miller look. I like those looks. Anyhow, enjoy the plot of the story, music, and job well done.

  • Complex

    I rented this movie because of the hot cover. It was terrible.

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