Scott Is Chris Evans’ Brother and I Stand A Chance

Scott Evans

I’ve been meaning to blab something about Scott Evans, Chris Evans’ slightly chunky, real looking brother for a while. Just look at him! My heart melts every single time. I’ve posted this little known hottie a few months back as the ‘hot extra’ on “Fringe” and thanks to you wonderful commenters, we now know that he’s gay and all kinds of hot. As for the shirtlessness, I’m 100% sure Scott has some decent forestation in there, as proved by his oh so famous brother (yes, that’s four freakin’ pages of furry goodness — hope you can handle it). Scott Evans and Chris Evans. In a room. Um okay, I’ll see you later because some serious imagining need to be done!

Click here to see Chris Evans’ interview with Advocate and my previous Scott Evans on “Fringe” post here.

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Okay fine. Here you go. You’re welcome. p.s: I just realized Jason Statham was the non-shirtless baddie in this movie. LOL

Chris Evans

  • WarpedRecord

    Square: I was kind of worried about you because I had to start my day without my hairy-man fix, but it’s nice to end the day that way as well.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Scott is hotter than Chris, if only because he has a lot more integrity. But I really must beg to differ on Scott being “slightly chunky.” Did you mean “righteously hunky”?

  • LOL thanks for the concern! I really meant slightly chunky, but that’s a VERY GOOD thing.

  • undapantsman

    aw, the dude is adoreable! i know that i keep saying that so-and-so looks like someone else, but Scott Evans definitely reminds me of a mix between Chris Evans and James Roday (from Psych). he’s got the right combo of cute and hot. i like!

  • Spot on with the James Roday reference! Here he is, but I’m sure Scott is twenty times hairier than him.

    Oh, I almost forgot you still have my husband’s pic on. LOL

  • undapantsman

    oh i’ll agree that Scott is probably way hairier than James is; i think that James would look a little odd with a full pelt, a light layer of hair would work on him, in my opinion. i’d like to see either of them shirtless; i hope that the new year will bring such things.

    and as for the avatar, i’m trying to find a new man to post with for the new year, but y’know, Sudeikis is a hard habit to kick! =D

  • Justin

    I still have it too! And it will only change if I find a hotter pic of Jason Sudeikis.

  • You guys are killing me!

  • DoverDavid

    Hmmm I think I like Chris’ look just a tad bit better, but who the hell am I to say which one I would ultimately choose. If you go on line to the Advocate magazine, there is an interview with Chris this month in it where he talks about his brother, his being gay and his shirtless status and why we have seen less of it recentaly.

  • duckhunter 1

    Just imagine if Chris was gay too!

    Oh my!

    Double the pleasure!

    Man and there both furballs!

    and the right proportation of chest back and shoulder hair at least for Chris

  • Nic

    Damn! Your making it hard for me to stick with my man Chris on this. Scott is like the more boyish, cuter one….Now I can’t choose. I need further shirtlessness from the BOTH of them to make my final decision.

    And Boo! for Chris losing that part in “Milk” to James Franco. I love James and all, but Chris in a gay role could possibly make my life complete! lol

  • Jamie

    Wow! They are definitely my favorite pair of brothers. They’re both welcome at my house any day or night. Incredible!

  • Ronald

    MATCHING BED WARMERS just what I could ask for this x-mas!( snidely laugh with a cheshire grin)

  • ebony

    chris is wayyy better looking and all you fags are losers chris is not gay

  • cinamon


  • Paul

    He’s as gorgeous as his brother, but I also don’t think “chunky” applies to him at any level–heaven help the rest of us if it does! What’s adorable is that he’s got the same chest hair pattern as his brother. I’m hoping there’ll be a pic of the two of them shirtless together one day! And from what they’ve said they seem to be each other’s best friend. I’m turning into a puddle here . . .

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  • ebony is wrong

    @ ebony
    duh, chris is not gay, but he is still an attractive str8 ally.
    his brother is better looking

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