Somebody Please Lick Him Clean

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Dear Mr. Rowe, I’m not turning this website into your effing shrine so stop taking that shirt off!!! Anyways, after such a historical day, (the dance was just BEAUTIFUL) I’m feeling very generous, so I’ll let one of you guys lick that tarry dirt off his chest clean. No slacking!

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

  • Bud Burgoon-Clark

    The promised pics don’t appear … at least not for me.



  • KarmaLysing

    I, too, see naught but the “little red ‘X’ of DOOOOOOOOOOM”. 🙁

  • DoverDavid

    No additional photo’s down loaded.

  • Z

    please don’t turn the site into a shrine for him, because this guy is old enough to be my grandfather…..and that’s NOT a good thing!

  • Sorry guys, shyt happens. All is well now.

  • DoverDavid

    Thanks Square, your better than to just tease us with furry goodness and not produce. I think Mike knows there are those of us out there that like his furry bod, so he shows it just to flirt.

  • Bruno

    His chest is kinda bouncing over his stomach…..

  • Justin

    Well, I appreciate it Square, his body may not look the best in this set of pictures but that face… Yummy. And I’m 21 guys, age doesn’t make ’em less attractive, it makes ’em more.

  • jared

    what episodes is this from? the newest one?!

  • KarmaLysing

    I think all hot TLC, Discover Channel, A&E, etc. hosts should learn from Mr. Rowe’s example. Oh, and Mr. Grylls’ example. Heh.

  • He needs to lather that up on his dick and show it to us too!! HAhaha. Sorry, I kind of went wild on that comment.

  • sassywench

    Mike, you are killing me! I say he host each show shirtless…..and oiled up!

  • Ronald


  • White Panda

    He knows he looks good. I think we need a link on the front page to get to all this Mike Rowe goodness!
    Listen to Justin; getting older makes a man even more attractive. However, this trend generally halts to a stop after 65. Though this is not true for all men.

  • michael

    he is the sexiest man on the planet. when he died, id have him stuffed and mounted. on me.

  • WarpedRecord

    His chest can bounce over my stomach anytime it wants — as well as any other part of me it chooses.

  • Reese

    I agree with SassyWench. Mike should host the “shirtless jobs” show. How can I arrange to wake up with him in the morning?

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  • Steve

    Mike Rowe is definitely in my top 5. He could very well be husband material. Woof!

  • Steve

    @Sassywench – – How’bout is Mike hosts his shows shirtless and SWEATY?!

  • bryan

    this man makes my dick hard

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