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Adam Charlton Shirtless

I’m not a big fan of guys (regardless of how good looking they are) who like to flex their goodies on webcams and post them on YouTube, but things happen for a reason. This is Adam Charlton, and he was a British 400-meter runner. You rarely see guys like Adam on this website, so this is my attempt to put some conventionalism (Psi did a wonderful job) into the adorkable, mature and hairy set. Don’t freak out just yet, it’s not going to be a regular thing, I promise. Besides having a real talent of flexing and showing off his lightly hairy body on cam, apparently Adam is very good at drawing people. Who would’ve thought? I’m just surprised that he didn’t draw himself yet, but I’m usually wrong. Also, why do I have a feeling that Adam will be visiting soon (via googling self)?

p.s: Yes, I purposely didn’t include his professional shots because I don’t want to.

Adam’s blogYouTube channel, via OutSports

Adam Charlton Shirtless

Adam Charlton Shirtless

Adam Charlton Shirtless

Adam Charlton Shirtless

Adam Charlton Shirtless

  • No one

    Too much muscles! Veins are a huge turnoff for me.

  • I’m one of the ones who’s oggled “Adam 400” on youtube. True, there are zillions of these guys on youtube, but Adam is a huge cut above most of the others. And with him the facial features, chiseled and handsome complement instead of lagging behind the body. A class act all the way.

  • Omg hes well hot

  • Omg hes well hot

  • Christian

    OMG. This stud is hot, hot…I don’t mind if you want to keep posting pictures of him. That face, those hairy pecs and the chiseled abs…Y-U-M-M-Y! Just thinking about caressing those hairy nipples…Oh,oh…more dirty thoughts come to my head (both heads!).

  • Psiwire

    Good catch, Square. I’ve been watching this guy for a few weeks on YouTude. He’s extremely hot. Try “LiftWeightsGetDates” on YouTube too.

  • WMassGuy

    He’s not all that. I’ll take Kyle Bornheimer over this guy ANY day!

  • DoverDavid

    Being a leg man I can say I don’t like his, and find Mike Rowes stomach much more inviting.

  • WarpedRecord

    This man’s hot, but he leaves me cold. Yet another shaver. Give me more of the Mike Rowe manliness.

  • Very cute face! What a huge accomplishment to create a body like that. But yeah, its a bit much for me too. Seems like it’d be like sleeping next to several bags of rocks . . .

  • HE would not be that bad if he had not done so much manscapping!

  • Robert Frank

    He’s got great guns. I love those sinewy, veiny forearms. He’s also handsome and has great abs and chest too.

  • Jay

    I’m torn. No one wants the same squad of pretty boys over and over again. On the other hand, the AMH set’s tastes kind of limits this particular site to that kink. Not that you don’t give a thought towards being wide-ranging, Square. I do appreciate that.

    Back to this guy. Um, the hotness is being countered by apparent rampant narcissism.

  • I have been a fan of his for a while. He appears to be a tad bit of a narcissistic jerk, but hey he sure does put in the hours.

    Adam, res firma mitescera nescit

  • gypsycurse

    Well, I WUZ gonna watch the inaugural……… Awww, shuck, I suppose we could squeeze them both in !?!

  • Patrick

    Way over done. I can tell he’s totally addicted to body building and to himself. Turn off.
    I’ll take a real man like Mike Rowe any day.

  • Am.I.Gay??

    his thighs scare me…
    but definitely hot though..

  • throbbingristle

    ahhhh, isn’t (self) love grand?
    i concur with you warpedrecord, shavers are poor examples of manliness. as for mike rowe, i was kinda hoping he might be a “friend of dorothy” when i found out he lives here in SF. it’s okay that he’s straight though, he’s still mucho sexy.
    and i have to thank you for the shirtless photos, dear webmaster (now even that sounds kinda kinky). i am sure to have a wet dream tonight. of course, that’s all the sex i get these days. sorry to admit….i feel like a virgin saving myself for marriage!

  • Criszy77

    ohohohohohoh sooooooooo hooooooot hot hot hot!!!

  • james

    forgive him
    He’s hot

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