Freddy Rodríguez In Six Feet Under


Freddy Rodríguez was the member of the male “Six Feet Under” cast that spent the least amount of time with his shirt off, which is kind of a shame because overall I think he was probably the best looking one. By the time he made his way to “Ugly Betty” he was looking a little pudgy, so I can understand why they kept his shirt on, but here he looks fit and delicious. And surprisingly smooth as well.

  • God he’s so cute-sexy.

  • Thank you, Psi for making the universe in balance again. If is up to me, hair will cover the entire website and that isn’t necessary a good thing for everyone! I agree he looked pudgy in “Betty”, but that adorable face still makes me melt.

  • Hey, thanks a lot! What a collection of *drools* awesome pictures of Rico!!! He is sexy, passionate and at the same time adorable. I, personally, wouldn’t mind to see a shirtless Gio in the Ugly Betty show especially when his love interest, Betty, got a new apartment. But the writers seemed not interested in paying Freddy for bedtime scenes and we fans just got totally disappointed… 🙁
    oh my God! I can’t stop looking at these pictures. *tries unsuccessfully to browse out of this page*

  • szoszo


  • Phil

    Another one of those man/boy types that makes me feel like a bit of a ped…But not enough to stop lookin’ 😉

  • len

    he is REALLY CUTE in a teddy bear sort of way

  • Geez.. I can’t believe Rodriguez is 34 years old. He looks younger than me…

  • Milton

    I love guys who are sexy, & shorter than me. Don’t care if he’s smooth. Looks like he’s got hairy enough legs.. Yet another argument for a Pantslesshippies website. Please post more Freddy.

  • felix quinn

    i masturbate to “Planet terror”… is that weird?
    lol 😀 just kidding.
    but he does give me wood 😉

  • David

    He looks like he hated doing that scene with that broad. He shouldve done it with happy sean davey

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