Guess This Hairy Chest

Eric McCormack Shirtless

I’m bored, so let’s a play a little fun game. If this makes you less bored as well, we’ll definitely play it again. Can you people guess who owns this delectable hairy chest? Here are some hints; it’s from a television show, he got famous because of a television show playing a title character (not this one though) and he’s Canadian. Winner gets an air kiss from one of my imaginary husbands of your choice. You need to guess first otherwise you’re not able to click further! Okay I lied but whatever.

It’s Will! I mean, Eric McCormack! These are from his new television series, “Trust Me” with smoother chested and less age-friendly Thomas Cavanagh capped by scorchingheat at Dreamcaps. Oh this reminds me to drool back at Josh Randall. Mmm…

Eric McCormack Shirtless

Eric McCormack Shirtless

Eric McCormack Shirtless

Eric McCormack Shirtless

Eric McCormack Shirtless

Eric McCormack Shirtless

Thomas Cavanagh Shirtless

Thomas Cavanagh Shirtless

Thomas Cavanagh Shirtless

  • Good job, Will.
    Very nice.
    And the little game was funny, indeed.


  • knockout

    Dang guess I’m too late ! LOVED THE GAME!!! I knew that chest right off. Wanted that chest and other parts of Eric ever since Will&Grace.

  • Bob

    well, I knew that the chest did NOT belong to: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp. Do I get credit for that?

  • DoverDavid

    I liked the game but was hoping we couldn’t move forward til at least we made a guess.

  • Joanna

    Sweet, gorgeous Eric McCormack (sp)! He is a total hottie and I absolutely adore him. Even though I love a bit more hair on my man’s chest, Eric’s absolutely beautiful to look at. Even the movie star I love and adore above all, doesn’t have a whole lot of hair on his chest, but it’s him more than his body that caught me in the throes of movie star crush-dom. But that cute Lil’ Eric is definitely drool worthy.

  • Jazz

    OMG, apart from Matthew Perry and Paul Rudd, is there a better looking man on the planet? He is aging nicely and his body looks amazing. Keep up the good work Mr McCormack.

  • Jazz

    Oh and I knew it was Eric, only because he’s the only Canadian actor I know, along with Donald Sutherland, I was pretty sure it wasn’t him. I know many other Canadian actors but I only want to beleive everything as nice as the above belongs to Eric.

  • QCNiceGuy

    Wow! He is getting better and better! Why can’t we all age like him?

  • nvm

    I can’t get enough of Eric .. I’m actually re-watching “Will & Grace”
    I can’t wait for the next episode of “Trust Me” .. if we’re lucky we’ll some more of that hot daddy *passing out*

  • Reese

    That was a fun game. Can we play it again? I would not have guessed that it belong to Eric, even with the hints.

  • I never would have guessed. Who else do you have?

  • robert

    Got me. Eric was often shirtless on “Will and Grace” but I don’t recall him looking like THIS. There was hair showing, but not that fabulous ripped body.
    Tom Cavanaugh was great on “Ed”. I thought he was cool enough to have a lot of appeal at the time. I think he still does hairless though he is. Adorkable.

    There was a very funny cohort who worked at the bowling alley. Anyone recall the actor’s name?

  • Wow, he’s certainly beefed up since W&G!

  • Complex

    First off.. That show is absolutely horrible!!
    Second.. I prefer Tom over Eric.

  • Joey

    I was dying to see Tom Cavanaugh shirtless! He’s hot!

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  • Rike

    which episode is and where can I download it?? I love eric!!!

  • sanjac07

    Thanks. God Eric is sooo hhhhhooooottttttt and S E X Y!!! LOVE HIM!!

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