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Jamie Bamber Shirtless for PETA

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m done here. This picture is everything I lived for. The hairy gods above have finally answered our prayers. Angels from the bear heaven are singing and crying at the same time as I typed this. Jamie Bamber is now officially the most beautiful man on earth and nearby planets. No contest! I think I might go vegetarian for life after looking at this euphoric image of Jamie Bamber looking unbelievably perfect for PETA. It’s actually for bears, and nothing to do with food but who cares. Shutting up now, I don’t know how long til I actually blink. Full picture after the jump but please, for your safety get the ambulance to standby on the other line.

Source: PETA via Bamber News

Jamie Bamber Shirtless for PETA

  • RyanSparks


  • RyanSparks

    Does he remind you of Tom Scavo from Desperate Housewives?

  • GB13

    Too bad being a member of PETA automatically makes him disgusting.

  • yoshi

    Well – I just lost all respect for the guy …

  • len

    marry me!

  • KarmaLysing

    …It’s too bad he had to drink PETA’s kool-aid to give us this hotness…

  • White Panda

    People Eating Tasty Animals
    though I agree with Ryan

  • White Panda

    len, nice A.D. quote!

  • undapantsman

    O_O …. so darn attractive! i think i’m going to start watching BSG that i’ve been putting off until now.

    i wish we could see the rest of the shot, mainly the lower half. =D

  • DoverDavid

    Cute yes, but he needs some stomach hair.

  • Randall


    He is a divine celestial being, but I agree: he needs some stomach hair. He’d better not be shaving it; I will find out.

    It is wonderful when these boys age so well.

    I just want to clip off an extremely tiny smidgen of that pec hair and use it in my brownie mix. Then we’d be together forever.

    Jus’ sayin’.


  • Kimberly S

    There’s a scene in BSG where he’s just barely holding a towel over his boyparts. I thought my TV would melt from the hotness.

  • Tom

    Oh I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Joanna

    OMG, he is soooooooo adorablly hot, my eyes are burning with admiration! One hot bod and such a sweet Lil’ boy face. He is without a doubt a real stunner. Where were all these beautiful men when I was a young, pretty chick? Man some of the guys, like Jamie here, take my breath away. He is a total stunning stud. Thank You!!! YUMMMMMMM!

  • WannaBuyADuck

    He’s very HOTTTTT. I’d never seen him until now. Thanks. Unlike the PETA-haters above, I think the fact that he belongs to PETA makes him even MORE attractive. What’s wrong with being a vegetarian and against the slaughter of innocent animals for food? I bet he smells better than most and has delicious tasting secretions!!! Vegetarians do, you know!

  • They just don’t get much better than this.

  • QCNiceGuy

    When it comes to a man who looks like that, I will drink whatever Kool-aid he’s having! (As long as he will have me!)

  • Perfect pic. This man is perfection.
    But, hey, what’s with all the animosity over PETA? Don’t get it, aren’t they fighting for a good cause?


  • GB13

    “What’s wrong with being a vegetarian and against the slaughter of innocent animals for food?”

    They’re savages. They’re completely insincere and just like to cause shit. They take people’s pets and kill them because they think they’re better off dead than as “slaves.”

    To be a member of PETA, it’s a pre-requisite to be an ignorant moron.

  • WarpedRecord

    This ad for PETA isn’t working, because I totally want to eat meat now!

  • Mr. Square. Have you seen our daddy, Richard Burgi on the latest of Nip/Tuck? Well, you should! He took off his clothes again. What a hot daddy of a man.

  • loudrockmusic

    Dude, so into it. I knew once I saw it on Towleroad, I should head over here!

    The ad isn’t even about food, its about killing nice bears for dumb canadian headgear. Me no like.

  • wild_about_hairy

    Sort of off topic but has anybody seen the new American Apparel model:

    NOT AN AD, I swear!

  • he’s from the UK, that might mean foreskin as well

  • Phil

    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals…And Jamie’s one tasty dish…

  • Phil

    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals…And Jamie’s one tasty dish…I’d eat him here, I’d eat him there…I’d eat him on a plane, or eat him on a train…OK enough…

  • Jay

    It’s not PETA’s values that’s the problem. It’s their tactics. If they were promoting religion (and some think they are) we’d be calling them “-fascists” by now.

    Oh well. I can always just splooge all over this picture to show my respect for them.

  • Stunners

    So supporting PETA makes you ‘disgusting’, then?
    Then I’m a disgusting person, and very proud of it.

  • i still don’t understand why some of you are bashing PETA that way.
    they’re radicals, but at some point, they’re up for a good thing. Based on the things I saw on their web site, I don’t really believe they kill animals – on the contrary, I always thought they’re against it.


  • GB13

    What they say and what they do are very different things. They’re hypocrites and radicals.

  • biggestFAN

    The most important is for a good cause

  • Jamie

    That is one sexy hot man. Nearly perfect from head to toe. He’s not been on too much on BSG so far in the final episodes. Maybe at least one more shirtless scene before it is all over.

  • Francois

    Jamie is beautiful, yes, but there’s a bit habit he has, that I wish he would quit. You see, he naturally has a long, thick, dark happy trail, extending from the bottom part of his chest hair, all the way down to the waistband of his pants, or underwear, or whatever… Actually, in can be seen in the BSG episode «Resurection Ship Part 2», from season 2…

    Anyways, he’s recently been shaving his happy trail. And I miss it.

    I have to say, I don’t get why he does it; I mean, what’s the point in shaving his happy trail, while letting grow so much chest hair «upstairs»? I firmly believe, he should leave all hair on his chest and abdomen, like it naturally is.

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  • RabbleRabbleRabbleMe

    And of course they would never lie on their own website. Do a little more research Joe, and you’ll find they’re not the sweet, little animal protectors they claim to be. Basically, they’re in it for the aggression and the money. Investigate, read, learn.

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