Monumental Matthew Mitcham

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

I haven’t got the chance to post anything about the only gay in the Olympic village, Matthew Mitcham during the games frenzy last year, so here is something for you. These beautifully shot images of Mr. Mitcham are from the latest issue of The Advocate, shot by Adam Pretty (of which by the way, stole one of my dream last names). Honestly, I am not sexually attracted to Matt since I’m more of an Eamon Sullivan‘s crazy fan. That said, this boy (and his body) is beyond gorgeous and with Michael Bong Phelps losing his contracts, Matthew is definitely the next obvious choice. Oh, and he should never, ever wear clothes again. Doesn’t look right, does it?

Source: The Advocate

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

Matthew Mitcham

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

Matthew Mitcham Shirtless

  • Bruno

    Amazing pictures . Not my type of guy , but wow , amazing pictures .

  • jimmy wood

    Amazing photos and oh so beautiful creature .Michael who ?

  • DoverDavid

    Nice especially in the suit, the one with the tie, now I wonder if there is anything higher up fron the navel that needed to be shaved. He was cute during the Olympics, at least he smiled at the camera and looked like he was having some form of fun.

  • szoszo

    judging by appearance i like him better than phelps, but being liberal about weed i’m not happy that michael had to lose so much for something 90% of teenagers do on a daily basis these days.

  • Phil

    Weed should be legalized anyway…’nough said…

  • Maxim

    damn,what a body on this hottie! 😮

  • Nic

    I still have a special place in my heart for Phelps.

  • Milton

    It’s too bad that most swimmers shave their bodies; something to do with reducing drag(no, not that kind of drag!) in the water. But hey, I’m not going to let a little thing like a shaved body like that stop me from climbing all over him. Plus, he IS gay! So it’s not just wishful thinking.

  • David

    Michael and Matthew are both hot! i wouldnt push either one or both of them out of my bed. let’s hear it for hunky Olympians!

  • chente


    He belongs in a natural history museum, carved in stone!


  • Andy

    he stands like a girl.

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  • Waverider

    He’s got Corbin Fisher written all over him.

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