Nick Stahl in Quid Pro Quo

Nick Stahl Shirtless in Quid Pro Quo

Nick Stahl is one of my longtime favorites, but still isn’t a big name movie star, despite the fact that he’s a better than decent actor. He’s one of those good actors who always ends up starring in crappy indy films like “Quid Pro Quo” (capped here) or playing second fiddle to some lunkhead in crappy big budget films (see “Terminator 3” or “Sin City”). After watching him in “Carnivale” I’d actually like to see him turn up in a TV drama in a role like the one Joshua Jackson has on “Fringe”. For those who haven’t seen it I recommend “Safe Passage”. Nick is just a teen in that movie and there’s no shirtless scenes, but it’s a good story and there are more cute guys it it then you can shake a stick at.

Nick Stahl Shirtless in Quid Pro Quo

  • Great post! Nick’s body filled up nicely in this film. I didn’t realize that he has silver dollar nipples.

    One of Hollywood’s underrated actors; talent and sex appeal.

  • Psiwire

    Do you realize I’ve posted the hairiest guy of the day? Bizzaro world.

  • Stahl is terribly underrated. Check him out in “Bully” – he’s frequently shirtless in that one (along with the late Brad Renfro).

  • Do you realize I’ve posted the hairiest guy of the day? Bizzaro world.

    Bizzaro, indeed. The world works in mysterious ways.

  • Patrick

    I agree that “Bully” is an excellent film to see a lot more of Mr. Stahl, and not shirtless. You get to see everything in all its glory. Yum.

  • boom

    OMG! I’ve had a HUGE crush on Nick since I was 13! (I’m 25 now, so that makes my affair just over a decade!) What a pleasant surprise to see him pop up on!

    If you’re a fan — check out ‘Blue River’ — it was a made for TV affair also starring a shirtless and sexy Jerry O’Connel and featuring a very young but doe-faced Nick Stahl as well. It got terrible reviews but was pretty decent for my preteen tastes at the time I watched it and is worth it for Nick and Jerry alone!

    He is also of course amazing in Carnivàle and like Square said, nice to see he’s filled out quite nicely!

  • loudrockmusic

    I’ve been seeing Stahl all over Austin recently. I saw him in front of our local Beauty Bar last week. Is he in the new Ninja Turtle movie they’re filming here?

  • metcalfe

    I love me some Stahl….I think he is one of the sexiest actors out there, a combination of nerdy and dangerous at the same time.

  • duckhunter 1

    Nicks not the hairest

    Daniel Radcliffe and Ethan Embry are FURBALLS!

    Danny is a cuter furball

  • Phil

    Nick is again one of those adorkable boy/men that brings out the maternal instinct in me(again most of you are 20+ years out from learning that you even have a maternal instinct)…I just wanna hold him and tell him that everything’s gonna be ok(and maybe nuzzle his ear)…

  • robert

    The HBO most excellent “Carnivale” series revealed the intelligent acting
    skills this young man has already learned. That very strange and very wonderful show spotlighted his talents. I think we will see him have a fine and important career, he has the goods for that, if he stays away from the deadly show biz mix of drugs and stupidity. He does have an unusual appeal. It’s not all body, it’s also brain. Intellect and sense of humor go a long way toward sexiness when physical attributes might not be as “normally exciting” as others. If you can have all at once, Duchovny comes to mind, oh well! Of course, not everyone agrees David is all that “pretty”. So much to the better in this man’s opinion. Unfortunately, career stalled. X-Files is a very hard act to follow.

  • @Robert: Duchovny’s career isn’t stalled. His show Californication on Showtime is a big hit.

  • Rhywun

    OK, I’ve only seen him in “Terminator 3″ but wow what an instant crush I got, and at my age that doesn’t happen a lot anymore. I literally could not take my eyes off him. He’s both amazingly charismatic and devastatingly gorgeous – that smile…

  • cxd

    Beautiful chest

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