Random Hotness: Pool Table Hottie

Pool Table Hottie

Oh hello, look what the cat dragged in this morning! Dark, quite fuzzy, lickable. Hmmm… Let’s call this one ‘pool table hottie’. I’m pretty sure he’s a model of some sort, but I’m not sure what exactly he was modeling. Is it the pool table? Do you men loving people like to play pool? Last time I checked they are for hetero guys who like to get away from their wives. Okay, I don’t really care. He is uber cute and have a great body — not one of those freakishly fit gym bred model type bodies. And he’s uber cute. Wait, I just said that. Okay, he’s dangerously cute. If you have a weak heart, do not click further! I love my readers too much.

That said, is there anymore where these tease pictures come from? They look like they belong to a massive series where the grey boxer brief will be long gone towards the end. Pool table hottie, call me!

via Just Beautiful Men. Eric, you have an awesome, awesome talent for discovering impossibly hot men! 😉

Pool Table Hottie

Pool Table Hottie

Pool Table Hottie

Pool Table Hottie

  • len

    DAMN! DROOL! who is he?!

  • Tom

    Totally Hot Man!! If he wants to play pool I will be glad to use his balls to play with. You must find out you this is and if you can share more photos. Meanwhile lets shoots some balls.

  • Gouli

    Great. I like his smile.

  • sco pooh

    Thanks for hot hot Posts always mate enjoy the guys and your comments
    Cheers : Scot

  • DoverDavid

    Cute without being too pretty, dark features, which are my favorite and definate fur potential.

  • DoverDavid

    D’OH! I just noticed the open underware hint picture at the very end, TEASE!!

  • David1969

    digging that last pic….thanks Square….you have just made my day….LOL….He is “Uber Cute”….keep them coming…..

  • David1969

    P.S. If you do find that there is a series of pics these come from and the boxers do in fact come off….PLEASE do share where they came from….there is $$$ in it for you…..do I smell reward….LOL….well not really….but will take care of the person or persons who can find that series….

    I want to know what is under those CALVINS.

  • KarmaLysing

    Come HERE, little boy… I have cookies. They’re chocolate chip…

  • Rick Gaylor

    WOW, this guy got alot of responses. Wonder why. He has an innocent smile and way about him. Very cute and natural for those of this group who are “so worried about chest hair… LOL.” Thank for posting him. A breath of fresh air.

  • Ronald

    I can get into being hyptnotized by those eyes .I hear and obey MASTER! I am all your sweetness!

  • Dee

    OMG I know him! Personally!
    His name is Colin!
    I can’t believe he models!
    And he’s even cuter in person !

  • Bruno


  • He looks like a college boy forced to take pictures. My kind of guy! Haha. No…. but he’s such a cutie! Cutie. cutie. cutie.

  • Mike

    WOW what a little HOTTIE

  • Mike

    WOW what a little HOTTIE

  • armpitluver

    this guy is on the website bukbuddies.com

    and the site shows him in all his naked glory! the non-reoccurring trial option is manageable.

  • Phil

    That last pic made me glad I have a plastic cover on my keyboard…seriously…That is prolly one of if not the hottest pics you’ve ever posted Square…I gotta draw that one…

  • QCNiceGuy

    Excellent selection! In a few years, I feel like there will some definite fur on that chest!

  • dieguito

    FOUND HIM!!!

    http://www.bukbuddies.com/bukbuddies/gino/gino.html 🙂 Hope you enjoy the rest of him n_n

  • You guys are EVIL.

  • Phuzz

    I hope you start getting some sporters, like ben cohen or other manchers

  • Yep, I was right. College boy forced to take pictures.

  • Wow, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!!

  • Phil

    I think I liked him better before full disclosure…Oh well I’d still like to take him home if not to meet mom and dad to….well none of your business…

  • awesomeness!

    id like to bend him over that pool table and make him my bitch! o that would be so awesome…. i would let him f*** me though, if he wanted to….. hehehehe

  • Kevin

    He’s not that hot tho’.

  • Milton

    Totally my type!

  • Nick

    I’d like to do it with him on the pool table.

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